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Module 6

Animals in Danger

wolf seal






Who gave his life to save the Tibetan Antelopes?
Jiesang Suonandajie

Why do the poachers kill the antelopes?
They want to get the wool from the antelopes.

What measures have been taken to protect the antelopes? What’s the result of it?

In the 1990s the government began to take an active part in protecting the antelopes in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, which is the main habitat of the antelopes. Over the next ten years about 3,000 poachers were caught and 300 vehicles confiscated.

The situation is improving.

What is the passage about?
The passage is about saving the antelope from poaching.

Match the main idea with its paragraph.

Paragraph1 Paragraph2

Paragraph4 Paragraph5

A.The reason for the trade. B.The result of the battle. C.Jiesang Suonandajie died when protecting antelopes. D.The present situation and the future of the battle. E.The process of the trade.

How many parts are there in the passage?

What is the main idea of each part?

Saving the Antelopes
Part1(P1): Jiesang gave his life to save the Tibetan antelopes. Part2(P2-3): The poachers shoot lots of antelopes because their wool can bring them huge profits. So the antelopes are in danger. Part3(P4-5): The Chinese government began to take action to protect the antelopes in the 1990s and the antelope population is on the increase.

Part 1 (paragraph1)
What does he do? And what happened to him?

On a __________cold freezing ____ day , Jiesang poachers Suonandajie found a group of __________ endangered Tibetan antelope. killing the ____________ He shouted to them to __________ put down their guns.

Part 1 (paragraph1) Although surprised, the poachers had

advantage there were more of an ___________-them. As a result, Jiesang was shot and

killed. He had ____________ given his life to save
the Tibetan antelope.

In memory of Suonandajie, the first station of the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve named after him. "Suonandajie protection station" is the earliest and best-known one in the Hoh Xil region, whose task is to receive tourists and save Tibetan antelopes.

Part 2 (paragraph2-3)
1.What was the reason that the number of the antelopes on the QinghaiTibetan Plateau had fallen ? Its wool is _________________ the most expensive in the world. warm --- the ideal It is_____,_____ soft light and ______ coat for an animal. the profits can be huge. For poachers__________

Part 2 (paragraph2-3)
2.The poachers shoot whole herds of antelopes at a time, __________________________________ leaving only the babies,whose wool is not _______________( worth so much. 只留下那些毛不那么 值钱的幼崽。) are skinned on the spot 3.The animals _______________________ (就地剥皮) and the wool taken to India, where it is made into the shawls.

Part 2
4.The business is ______( illegal 非法) and ban 禁令) on the there has a _____( trade . In the 1990s (在二十世纪九十年 5.___

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