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八门城中心小学 尹玲玲

Is this a tiger? Yes , it is.

Is that a tiger?
No, it isn’t. It’s a lion.

Are these tigers?

Yes, they are.

They are lions. Are these tigers?
No, they aren’t.

Are those tigers?

Yes, they are.

They are lions. Are those tigers?
No, they aren’t.

He can jump She can jump
The tiger can jump

The tiger can jump through a ring.

tiger cubs

Jump through ring

The tiger cubs can’t jump through a ring.

ride a horse
The monkey can ride a horse. The girl can ride a horse.

climb up a ladder

The lion can climb up a ladder.

climb up a ladder

lion cubs

can The lion______climb up a ladder.
can The lion cubs_______climb up a ladder. ’t

ride a bike
The bear can ride a bike. can The boy _______ride a bike.

I can walk.
She can walk.
The dog can walk.

I can run. He can run. She can run.

You can run.

They can run.

The girl can swing.

The cat can swing.

animals The animals are performing.

What are these? Can they jump through a ring? They’re tiger cubs No, they can’t. What are those? They are dogs.

Can they ride a bike?

Yes, they can.

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