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Primary English 5B

Are these …?
Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.

Are those …?
Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.


a tiger a lion

Are these tigers? Yes, they are. Are those tigers? No, they aren’t. They’re lions. The tiger cubs can’t jump through a ring.

Let’s chant!

i _e Nine white mice are going for a ride. Five white cats are stepping aside. The white cats open their eyes wide. The white mice find no place to hide.


A tiger can run.

A monkey can climb.

A goose can swim.

A bird can fly.

A: Welcome to our zoo! There are so many animals here. Are these tigers B: Look! _______________? they are. The tigers can run A: Yes ____________________________ very fast ________. B: What are those? _____________? Are those lions they aren’t They’re lion cubs. A: No, _____________. bear It can B: Look at the _____! walk and dance _______________. A: Wow! That’s great!

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