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B Let's learn

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Rabbit, rabbit, can you jumpe? Yes, I can. 是的,我 可以。

Elephant, elephant, can you fly? No, I can’t. 不,我不能。

cook the meals clean the bedroom

A: Can you …

sweep the floor water the flowers do housework

empty the trash

B: Yes, I can./ No, I can’t.

make the bed

You’re helpful.

dirty clothes

clean clothes

wash the clothes 洗衣服

put away the clothes 收拾衣服

Before lunch ?饭前?

After lunch?饭后?

set the table

do the dishes 洗盘子


1、A:What can you do? B:I am helpful. I can set the 2、A:Can you B:Yes,I can. 3、Who can the clothes?


the bed? after lunch.

4、My mother often does the

?小小调查? A:Can you …?B:Yes,I can./ NO, I can’t.

Miss Yao

do the dishes

set the table

make the bed

wash the put away clothes the clothes

… …

?我能说? On Saturdays and Sundays, I often do housework, I can…

1、课本P49四会词组抄1默3. 2、活动手册p 3、帮助爸妈干力所能及的家务活。

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