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1、 他在长城玩得开心吗?

Did he _________ _________ ___________ __________ on the Great Wall?

2、 这个镇子以年画而闻名。

The town _________ _________ ___________ the Spring Festival pictures.

3、 我们在没有发出任何声响的情况下出去了。

We came out without _________ _________ ___________.

4、 从山顶上,我们希望看到湖泊和森林。

From the top we _________ _________ ___________ the lakes and forests.

5、 她还说揪树叶是不对的。

She _________ said that it _________ _________ ___________ __________ leaves.


1. The day after tomorrow, they ______________ (leave) for New York to study in a language


2. How I wish my dear parents __________ (be) still alive now.

3. She watched him __________ (walk) down the path and ____________(disappear) in the


4. The campers left the tent ___________ (find) out what the noise was.

5. They ___________ (know) each other for a long time.


1. The old man suggested __________ a taxi to the airport.

A. to take B. takes C. taking D. took

2. I don’t feel like eating anything because I don’t feel ___________.

A. good B. fine C. right D. well

3. Mum always tells me to ___________ the useless papers and exercise-books on the desk.

A. put down B. put up C. put away D. put on

4. I sometimes ask myself ________ I have done my best in studies or not.

A. whether B. that C. if D. how

5. When he learned that he was the winner, he was very ________ and ________ with his great success.

A. exciting; pleased B. excited; pleasing

C. excited; pleased D. exciting; pleasing

6. Would you like to learn more about ________ to take good photos?

A. how B. what C. when D. who

7. Have you ever ________ music from Africa?

A. listened B. listened to C. heard D. heard from

8. She was so tired that she could ________ walk.

A. hard B. hardly C. almost D. quickly

9. A lot of children have tried to climb the Qomolangma, but only ________ have succeed.

A. many B. few C. a few D. much

10. This city is famous ________ the food.

A. for B. of C. off D. as

11. Whether we’ll go camping or not this Sunday depends ________ the weather.

A. to B. at C. in D. on

12. Come and watch the _______ film.

A. late B. later C. latest D. latter

13. Dan usually ________ his evening watching films on television.

A. spends B. takes C. pays D. costs

14. Annie has just ________ a new camera ________ her birthday.

A. bought; from B. made; from C. received; for D. kept; with

15. Mother told me ________ spend too much time on football.

A. don’t B. won’t C. didn’t D. not to


1、使整齐;使整洁 ________________ 2、看一看________________

3、出版;问世 ________________ 4、结果;因此 ________________

5、列清单________________ 6、在…的结尾;在…的末端 ________________

7、同时________________ 8、取决于;决定于 ________________

9、日常生活 ________________ 10、(与某人)保持联系 ________________

11、填写;填充 ________________ 12、占去(时间或空间)________________

13、指出;指明 ________________ 14、在…的顶端 ________________

15、唤醒某人 ________________ 16、参加 ________________

17、没什么;没关系 ________________ 18、安静地;沉默地 ________________

19、一天天地;渐渐的 ________________ 20、兼职的 ________________

21、 带某人参观;给某人做向导________________ 22、亲自;本人 ________________

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