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一、找出划线部分读音不同的单词。(2×5 = 10分)

( )1、A、train B、paint C、wall ( )2、A、 B、 C、( )3、A、 B、 C、( )4、A B、 C、( )5、A、 B、 C、二、选择填空。(2×10 = 20分)

( )1、What is the ______ today?- It’s April 29th.

A、 weather B 、day C 、date ( )2、Is ____ birthday in February?

A、you B、your C、me

( )3、.When ____ you get up?

A、does B、do C、 are

( )4、They are my family _____ .

A、photo B、photoes C、photos

( )5、I usually eat dinner ____7:00 ____ the evening.

A、in: at B、at ;in C、at ;at ( )6、What ____ the children doing?

A、can B、is C、are

( )7、What season is her birthday ____?

A、at B、in C、of

( )8、I _____ plant trees in spring

A、am B、can C、like

( )9、She doesn’t like winter, _______.

A、too B、either C、also

( )10、I can play_____snow. A、to B、in C、with

三、用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。(2×5 = 10分)

1.Tonight Mum is going to ______ (cook)Chinese food.


2.I am ______ (learn) English now.

3.What did you ______ (do) yesterday?

4.I ______ (do) my homework yesterday.

5.We can______ (find) books in the library.

6.Sam______ (like) hamburgers very much.


with at about on has

1.It's a programme ( ) China.

2.I'm not good ( ) it.

3.It's easy ( ) a computer.

4.You can find out about food ( ) this CD-ROM.

5.It ( ) got four wheels.

五、句型转换。(2×5= 10分)

1、Amy likes fall because it’s warm and cool.( 对划线部分问) ________________ ___________Amy ________________ fall?

2、I do some shopping on the weekend. (改为否定句)

I ________ ________ _________shopping on the weekend.

3、That is a sheep. (改为复数句)

____________ _________ some___________.

4、Is there a kite on the desk? (作肯定回答)

Yes _________ ___________.

5、Zhang Peng does his homework every night .(改为一般疑问句)

_______ Zhang Peng _______ his homework every night?


( )A.Can I have your library card,please?

( )B.What did she have for breakfast?

( )C.Did your grandpa learn English?

( )D.What are you doing?


( )E.Can I help you?

( )F.Where can you find out about Chinese words?

( )G.Is your grandpa retired?

( )H.Does Sam like hamburgers?

( )I.Are they broken?

1.No,thank you. 2.Yes, he is.

3.I'm dancing. 4.Yes.Here you are.

5.No,they aren't. 6.Yes,he did.

7.In this dictionary. 8.She had noodles.

9.Yes,he does.

七、根据中文提示,完成句子。(2×5= 10分)

1. 我最喜欢春季。

I like _________ _________.

2. 你在周末通常做些什么?

What _____ you usually do on the _______?

3. 明天让我们一起去晨练。

Let’s do ________ _______ tomorrow.

4. 五月是一年的第五个月。

________ is the _______ month of a year.

5. 今天是几月几日?

________ is the _________ today?


相应的空格中,使短文完整,每格一词。(1×10= 10分)

(apples , winter , summer, rains , plant , ski , snowman , in , cold ,often , swim , cool , sometimes )

I love summer. It’s very hot in _________ . I can _______ in the sea. Spring is beautiful. But it often ________ . It’s hard to _______ flowers in the rain. In fall, I can pick _______ . I can eat a lot. ________ comes. It’s very ________ . ___________ it snows. I can 3

________ and make a __________.

九、阅读理解。(2×5= 10分)

Hi, I’m Sandy. I am a nurse. I’m active and pretty .Every day I go to work at 7:50 in the morning. Then I go home at about 5:00 in the afternoon. On Monday and Wednesday evening, I read books. On Thursday and Friday evening, I have English class. Sometimes I watch TV .On the weekend, I often go shopping with my friend, Sarah. On Sunday, I usually play sports. But not this Sunday. Because the weather report says it’s going to rain! So, I will listen to music at home this Sunday.


( )1、Sandy is an active nurse.

( )2、She isn’t very beautiful.

( )3、The weather is fine this Sunday.



4、 is Sarah.

5、She often ________ on the weekend.


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