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Ⅰ. Listen and circle. 听音,圈出与你所听到的单词。(12分)

1. boy 2. China 3. four 4. cake 5. white 6. he

Ⅱ. Listen and tick or cross. 听音,判断图片与听到的内容是否相符,相符的打“√” ,不相符的打“×” 。(10分)

1、 Hi! I’m Chen Jie. I’m from China.

2、 I’m from the USA.

3、 Hi, I’m Mike. I’m from Canada.

4、 Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m from the UK.

5、 Hello! I’m Panda. I’m from China.

Ⅲ. Listen and match. 听音,将单词和相关图片连起来。(8分)

1. Hello! I’m Mr Rabbit. I’m a teacher.

2. Hi!.I’m a dog. I’m a student.

3. Hello! I’m Mimi. I’m a cat. I’m a girl.

4. Hi! I’m Titi. I’m a monkey. I’m a boy.

Ⅳ. Listen and number. 听录音,按听到的顺序给下列图片排序,用阿拉伯数字表示。(12分)

1.A: Let’s go to school.

B: OK.

2.A: This is Miss Green.

B: Good morning. Miss Green.

3. A: Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you, too.

4. Hello,boys and girls. We have a new friend today.

5. A:Goodbye.

B:Good bye.

6. I’m a kangaroo. I’m from Australia.

Ⅴ.Listen and choose. 听录音,选出与你听到的句子匹配的答语,把句子的序号写在括号里。(10分)

1. Good afternoon.

2. Where are you from?

3. Nice to meet you.

4. Thank you.

5. Can I have some bread?

Ⅵ. Listen and write. 听音,填入所缺的字母。(8分)

1. cat, cat. It’s a cat. 2. Book, book. I have a book.

3. Panda, panda. I like the panda. 4. Face, face. Touch your face.

PEP小学英语三年级(下)第二单元练习听力材料和参考答案 Ⅰ.Listen and circle. 听音,圈出你所听到的字母(10分)

1. D 2. b 3.F 4. G 5. e

Ⅱ. Listen and tick or cross.听音,判断你听到的内容是否与图片相符,相符的打√,不相符的打×。(10分)

1. edcda

2. A: Amy, this is my father.

B: Nice to meet you.

3. Eat some fish.

4. This is my grandma. And this is my grandpa.

5. Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m from the USA.

Ⅲ. Listen and number. 听音,根据听到的内容用阿拉伯数字为下图重新排序。(10分)

1. Ten, ten. I’m ten.

2. A: Hello! My name is Mike.

B: Hi, I’m John.

3. A: Good morning. Miss Green. This is my mother.

B: Nice to meet you.

4. A:Who’s that man?

B: He’s my father.

5. A: Who’s she?

B:She’s my sister.

Ⅳ.Listen and match.听音,根据听到的内容将上面的人物与下面的图用线连起来。(10分)

1. Hello!I’m Mike. I’d like some rice..

2. Hi! I’m Chen Jie. I’m from China.

3. I’m Amy. I have a new pencil box.

4. I’m John. I like juice.

5. Hi! I’m Wu Yifan. I like ducks.

Ⅴ.Listen and choose. 听音,根据你听到的问题选择正确的答句,把句子的序号填到括号里。(10分)

1.How are you?

2.Good morning.

3.Who’s this boy?

4.Is she your sister?

5.Who’s that man?

Ⅵ.Listen and write.听音,补充单词。(10分)

1./d/,/d/,duck 2. /e/,/e/,egg 3. /b/, /b/,bread

4./f/,/f/,father 5./ai/,/ai/,ice-cream 6./t/./t/,tiger

7./ /,/ /,apple 8./g/,/g/,girl 9. /p/,/p/,pen



Listening Part (60分)

Ⅰ. Listen and circle. (听音,圈出你所听到的字母或单词。)(10分)

1.pig 2. it 3. gkl 4. LED 5.big duck 6. small fish

7. short tail 8. tall giraffe 9. short arm 10.long leg

Ⅱ. Listen and tick or cross.(听音,判断图片正误, 相符的打“√”,不相符的打“×”。)(10分)

1. The monkey has a long tail. The rabbit has a short tail.

2. A: Come here, children. Look at the elephant.

B: Wow! It has a long nose.

3. The bear is very thin.

4.A: How many children?

B: Three.

5. The legs are short.

Ⅲ. Listen and number.(听音,按听到的顺序给下列图片排序,填阿拉伯数字。)(10


1. Be fat, be fat. Be fat, fat, fat.

2. Hello! I’m pig. I have a big nose and small eyes.

3. Be short, be short. Be short, short, short.

4. The rabbit has two long ears.

5. It has a long body and short legs.

Ⅳ. Listen and match.(听一听,连一连。)(12分)

1.Look at me. I’m an elephant. I’m big. I have a long nose.

2.Look at the pig. It has big ears.

3. I’m a little mouse. My eyes are small.

4.That’s a rabbit. It’s short. It has a short tail .

5.Look, it has a big mouth. It’s a dog.

6.Hi! I’m a monkey. I have a long tail.

Ⅴ. Listen and choose.(听音,选出你所听到的句子。)(8分)

1. This is my small bag.

2. I like cats.

3. I have eight small books.

4.The giraffe is tall.

5. Dad, you’re tall.

6. The monkey has a long tail.

7. Make your eyes big.

8. Who’s she?

Ⅵ. Listen and write. 听音,填入所缺的字母。(10分)

1.milk, milk. Drink some milk. 2. Six, six. I’m six.

3.Red, red. Colour it red. 4.Ten, ten. I have ten books.

5. Dad, dad. This is my dad.


Ⅰ.Listen and choose.听录音,选出你听到的单词,把序号写在括号内(10分)

1. grandma 2. tall 3.boy 4. woman 5.brown

Ⅱ. Listen and circle. 听音, 圈出你听到的图片的序号(10分)

1. Touch your face,please.

2. A: Where are you from? B:I’m from China.

3. Look at the dog. It has a fat body.

4. Who’s that woman? She’s my mother.

5. My number is 6149-2857

Ⅲ. Listen and choose.听音,根据你所听到的信息选择正确的答案。(10分) 1 Thank you.

2 Where are you from?

3 Is he your father?

4 Who’s that woman?

5 How are you?

Ⅳ. Listen and number. 听录音,按听到的顺序给下列图片排序,用阿拉伯数字表示。(20分)

1. Show me the bread.

2. I’d like some juice,please.

3. Where are you from? I’m from Canada.

4. Look at the elephant. It is big.

5. Who’s he? He’s my grandpa.

6. It has a long tail. It’s funny.

7. I’m Wu Yifan. I’m from China.

8. Can I have some fish? Here you are.

9. Look! She is my new teacher.

10. My name is John. I’m from the USA.

Ⅴ. Listen and write. 听音,填入所缺的字母。(10分)

1. / /, / /, cat. 2. /e/, /e/, ten 3. /i/,/i/, milk 4. /e/, /e/,leg

5. /i/,/i/,pig 6. / /, / /,bag 7. / /, / /,hand 8. /e/, /e/,elephant

9. /i/, /i/,six 10. /e/, /e/pen


Listening Part (60分)

Ⅰ. Listen and circle. (听音,圈出你所听到字母或单词。)(10分)

1. d 2. y 3. J 4. l 5. S 6. desk 7. bit 8. tap 9. box 10. hot

Ⅱ. Listen and tick or cross.(听音,判断你所听到的内容与图片是否一致,一致的


1. My ball is under the chair. 2. My bag is in the desk. 3. The ball is on the box.

4. The cat is in the box. 5. The book is under the desk.

Ⅲ. Listen and write. (听句子,分别把序号填到正确的位置上。)(6分)

The pencil is on the desk. The ruler is under the box. The eraser is on the chair. The crayon is under the chair. The pen is under the desk. The book is in the box.

Ⅳ.Listen, tick and cross.(听音,判断你所听到的内容与句子意思是否相同,相同

的打“√”, 不相同的打“×”。)(10分)

1. My pencil is under the chair.

2. She's my sister. She is 6.

3. I have a new toy bear.

4. I like orange and blue.

5. I have ten yellow erasers.

Ⅴ. Listen and choose the answer.(听问句,选答句。)(5分)

1.Where is your book? 2. Thank you. 3. Is he your father? 4.How old are you? 5. Who’s that man?

Ⅵ. Listen and arrange. (听音,排顺序。)(7分)

( 4 )In your bag?

( 1 ) Mum, where’s my car?

( 3 )No, it isn’t.

( 2 )Is it under your desk?

( 5 ) No.

( 6 )Look, it's under your cap.

( 7 )Thank you. Silly me.

Ⅶ.Listen and write the letters.


1. / h / 2. / ju: / 3. / v / 4. /s / 5. / w / 6. /f /

B. (听音,根据规律写单词。)(6分)

1. big 2. pen 3. cat 4.box 5. dog 6. hop


Listening Part (60分)

ⅠListen and number (听音,根据你所听到的顺序给图片标号。)(10分)

tiger pear grapes banana fruit strawberry bear orange apples watermelon

Ⅱ. Listen tick or cross.(听音,判断你所听到的内容与图片是否相符,相符的打“√”,不相符的打“×”。)(12分)

1. Bounce a ball. 2. Read a map. 3. Let’s buy some fruits.

4. Have a watermelon. 5. Row a boat. 6. The ball is under the chair.

Ⅲ. Listen and choose the answer.(听问句,选答句。)(10分)

1. How are you? 2. Can I have an apple, please? 3. How many books?

4. Have some apples. 5. Who’s he? 6.What colour is it?

Ⅳ. Listen, colour and match.(听音,给字母涂色并连线。)(10分)

1.cut run duck fun 2. up run under duck

Ⅴ. Listen and arrange. (

( 5 ) Yes, I do.

( 3 ) No, I don’t.

( 4 )What about oranges?

( 2 )Do you like peaches?

( 1 ) Wow. So many fruits.

( 8 ) Have some more?

( 9 ) No, thank you. I’m full.

( 7 ) Yes, I like them very much. ( 6 ) Do you like apples?

Ⅵ. A. Listen and write the letters.(听音,写出字母的大小写。)(5分)

1. Ss 2. Qq 3. Ff 4. Ii 5. Kk


6. six 7. dad 8.red 9. milk 10. run


Ⅰ. Listen and choose.听录音,圈出正确的数字。(10分)

12 13 10 15 9 17 16 20 12 14

Ⅱ. Listen and tick or cross.听录音,判断听到的字母与给出的是否一致,一致的打“√”不一致的 打“×”。(8分)

1.map 2. cat 3. ten 4. tick 5. lock 6. dog 7. cut 8 . but

Ⅲ. Listen and circle.听录音,圈出正确图片的字母编号。(12分)

1. I’m a lion.

2.Show me twenty.

3. I’m a girl.

4. Look at “M:.

5. I have 15 rulers

6. Who’s that man?

Ⅳ. Listen and number.听录音,根据听到的内容用阿拉伯数字给下列的图画标上正确的序号。(10分)

1.The elephant is very big.

2.I have a pencil.

3.Close the book.

4.Carry the bag.

5.I like bananas

Ⅴ.Listen and write. 听录音,根据录音内容写出相应的阿拉伯数字。(10分) Hi! Boys and girl. Let’s count the balls. Look, Sarah has 13 balls. Mike has 11 balls. John has 8 balls. Amy has 20 balls. What about Chen Jie? She has only 5 balls.

Ⅵ.Listen and choose.听句子,选择最佳答语,把序号填入括号内。(10分) 1.Let’s fly the kite!

2. How many kites do you see?

3. How many rulers do you have?

4. Look! I have a new toy car.

5. How old are you?

Ⅶ. Listen and write the letters.


1. Dd 2. Qq 3. Mm 4. Yy 5. Kk


map and up run gift


ⅠListen and choose.(听录音,选择与所听内容相对应的图片,将其序号填入前


1. This is my friend, Sarah. 2. Look at the giraffe, it’s so tall. 3. Where is the ball? It’s on the chair. 4. I likewatermwlons.5. This is a ball. B-A-L-L ball.

ⅡListen and draw.(听录音,如果与听到的内容相符就画笑脸,不相符就画哭脸。)


1. This is a man. 2. There are thirteen pens. 3. This is a car. 4. I like pears and oranges.

ⅢListen and number.(听录音,给图片标号,填阿拉伯数字。)(10分)

1. I see twenty . 2. Hello, I’m Mike, I’m from Canada. 3 .Do you like grapes? Yes, I do. 4. The ball is in the box. 5. Look at that rabbit, it has long ears.

Ⅳ. (听音选择正确的单词,把序号填到前面的括号内。)(10分)

1. I see a cat. /k/ /a/ /t/ cat.

2. This is a pen. /p/ /e/ /n/ pen

3. I like milk. /m/ /i/ /l/ /k/ milk

4. It’s very hot. /h/ /o/ /t/ hot.

5.I can run. /r/ /u/ /n/ run.

Ⅴ. Listen and choose.(听句子,选出最佳答语并将代表这个答语的字母填在题前括号内。)(10分)

1. How many pencils do you have? 2. Who’s that girl? 3. Where is the toy car?

4. Where are you from? 5. Have some apples, please.

Ⅵ. Ⅵ.Listen and write the letters.(听音,写出字母的大小写。)(6分)

1. Yy 2. Cc 3. Gg 4. Xx 5. Ww 6. Ff

B. (听音,写出对应的字母。)(6分)

Fun red tin mop hat fish

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