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冀教版七年级英语上册(三年级起始版)Lesson_24_Eat_Good_Food! 导学案

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Lesson 24 Eat Good Food!导学案


1.会运用:sandwich, takeout, tip, only, vegetable, fruit, fridge

2.能说出:be away, get enough rest, watch TV, every day

3.能熟练使用本课的短语:①Here are some tips for you. ②Don’t watch too much TV. 教学重难点:





1. I’m tired. I want to have a r_____. 2. I will be a_____ for a week.

3. We ______(仅仅) have one umbrella. It’s not enough. 4. Woule you like some _______(三明治)。


too much 太多,用来修饰不可数名词 如:There is too much rain in the south.

much too 太。。。用来修饰形容词和副词,表示程度。It’s much too hot this summer.

【分步操练, 真实体验】


① 不要看太多的电视。

Don’t watch ____ ______ TV.

② 人们应该每天洗澡。

People should take showers ____ ______.

③ 你妈妈和我离开五天。 Your mother and I ____ _____ for five days.

④ PS 是 postscript 的缩写形式。

PS_____ ____ ____ postcript.

5. 李红一天只喝一瓶可乐。

Li Hong drinks _____ _____ ______ ______coke a day


1. 选择

( )①TV _____ television.

A. be short for B is short for C am short for D are short for

( )② My sister ____ for five days.

A be away B are away C am away D is away

( )③ Li Ming _____some meat every day.

A eat B to eat C eats D eating

( )④ The kind of car is ____dear. I don’t have ____money. A too much, much too B much too, too much

C too much, too much D much too, much too

2. 用括号内给词的适当形式填空

①_____(not) eat too much meat.

②My parents ___(be) away for a week.

③ Eating good food ___(be) good for your health.


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