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Lesson 20 I like the Supermarket导学案


1.会运用: full, cookie, chocolate, everything, meat, job

2.能说出: ①have to ② be full of ③ write down

3.能熟练使用本课的短语: ① Do you want to come with me?

② What would you like to buy? ③ Good job.






1、I don’t want to eat anything. I am f .

2、Every(每个) _________ (饼干)has a letter on it.

3、I ________ _______ (不得不)stay at home today.

4、My j is to clean the blackboard.



1 full adj.

①”满的,充满的“, 与 empty”空的”相反。例如:

This bottle is empty, but that one is full. 这个瓶子是空的,而那个是满的。 ② “饱的”,反义词是hungry“饿的”。例如: He eats a lot, so now he is full. 他吃了很多,现在他饱了。

拓展 有以下常见词组:be full of...“充满....”.例如:

The basket is full of eggs. 那个篮子里装满鸡蛋。

同义的表达还有:be filled with....,如上句还可以写成:The basket is filled with eggs. 跟踪训练


The cup __________ _________ _________ hot water. 2 write down,写下,记下,动词短语。例如:

Can you write down these letters?你能写下这些字母吗?

注意: 当write down所接的宾语是名词时,则名词可放在该词中间或后边,如果是代词,则只可放在中间。例如:

Please write it down. 请把它写下来。

Please write your name down./write down your name.请把你的名字写下来。 跟踪训练

Look at the words on the blackboard. Can you _____?

A write down them B write down it

C write it down D write them down

【分步操练, 真实体验】


Listen to the text (Part1) and answer the questions.

1 Does Danny like the supermarket? _______________________________.

2 Where is the list? _____________________________________________.



Read the lesson and write true of false. ( P53, Part 1)


1.Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.(p.53 Part 2) 2. Rewrite the sentences into questions.(p.53 Part3)

3.Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.(P53,Part4)

4 Work in pairs.(P53,Part5)


用所给短语的适当形式填空。 have to, good job, be full of, write down, come with

1 Listen carefully and _____________ the words you hear. 2 Do you want ______________ us? 3 I ________________ clean up my bedroom before I leave.

4 The plate ________________ chicken and fish.

5 --Mum, I have done all the housework. -- ______________.

1 I can’t eat any more food. I am _______.

A busy B hungry C full D serious

2 Make sure ______ is ready before you leave. A everything B something C anything D nothing 3 The basket is ______ fruit and vegetables.

A full B full of C fill of D fill with


①. I want to buy some meat, vegetables and fruit. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ you ________ _________ ________?

② Do you want to come with me? (改为陈述句)I want to _________ ________ you. ③ Would you like some fish? (改为同义句) __________ you __________ some fish?

【 作 业 】1、完成练习;2、预习背诵Lesson 21单词。


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