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今日作业: 1 I feel happy today.(就划线部分提问)
How do you feel today?

2 She has a sore throat. .(就划线部分提 问) What’s the matter with her? 3 My nose hurts (一般疑问句,肯定回答)
Does your nose hurt? Yes, it does.

4 I wear size 37 shoes. .(就划线部分提问)
How big are your feet?

5 I have a bad headache. .(就划线部分提 问)
What’s the matter with you?

Unit 3 Last



临池中学 宫美丽

1.学习一般过去式的单词和短语: watched Tv, washed clothes , cleaned the room , played football and visited grandparents 2.掌握动词变一般过去式得规律及发音 3.熟练应用句型:What did you do last weekend?I played football谈论过去发 生的事情

what do you usually do on the weekend?

do homework

wash the clothes go to a park

visit grandparents clean the room

watch Tv

What did you do last weekend?

watched TV

wash ed the clothes

cleaned the room play ed football visited grandparents

What do you do on the weekend? I usually visit my grandparents. What did you do last weekend?


visited my grandparents. played football. watched TV. washed the clothes. cleaned the room.

go to a park
went to a park

I went to a park yesterday.

go swimming
went swimming go hiking

went hiking go fishing went fishing I went (

)yesterday .

read a book

read a book

She read a book yesterday.

1.what did Chen Jie do last weekend?

What did you do last weekend? C: I cleaned my room

Report like this: In our group, everyone had a good time. Zhang Peng watched tv and played sports. On saturday , Li Ming listened to music and washed clothes . And he also helped her parents clean their room. He was tired , but he was very happy.

? ? ? ? ?

watch— watched wash — washed clean — cleaned visit — visited play — played

? ? ? ?

go read do is

— — — —

went read


动词原形变成过去式的方法 A,规则动词的过去式 (1)一般动词直接加ed (2) 结尾是e 的动词加 d (3) 末尾只有一个辅音字母的重读闭音节词,先双写这个 辅音字母再加ed (4) 以辅音字母+y 结尾动词,变y为i 再加ed. B: 不规则动词的过去式 要记牢.

played walked (1) looklooked _____ 2 walk _____3 play____ 4 likeliked _____ 5 love______6 loved study_______ studied 7 stopstopped ______8 traveltravelled _____9 watch______ watched went 10 visit visited _____11 do _____12 go_______ did was 13 take_____14 wearwore _____15 am/is ____ took 16 arewere _____17 come came _____18 tell _____ told read 19 have/has _____20 buy bought _____21 read_____ had

1.短语: 看电视 洗衣服 打扫房间 踢足球 拜访祖父母 做作业 弹钢琴 去游泳 画画 打羽毛球

watchedTv wash edthe clothes clean edthe room play ed football visit ed grandparents do (did) homework play ed the piano go (went)swimming draw (drew) pictures play ed badminton

句型: 1.

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