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6A Unit8 第四教时1

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Unit 8 Review and check (A)
江苏省苏州市 太仓朱棣文小学 顾佳佳

1. This is a girl. name is Helen. is eleven. is in Class Three, Grade Five 2. Who’s that ? Oh, is Miss Gao. is a teacher. 3. This is (他的)picture. 4. She is (我的)student. Miss Gao is (他们的)teacher. 5. This is (她的)cat. (它的)name is Mimi. 6. They are Americans. ______(they) names are David and Sam. 7.The English boy is ______( I ) friend. 8.Are these ______( you ) books? 9.Please put ______( they) over there. 10.Let’s go and help ______(she).

This … is mine. This .. is yours. This … is his. This … is hers. These … are theirs. Those …are ours.

Talk about the picture

( ) 1、There ____ a roll of film on the playground a moment ago. A. is B. are C. was D.were ( ) 2. Nancy is looking _____ her mirror. She can’t find it. A. at B. after C. for ( ) 3. Ben, give the teapot to ___ , please. A. I B. her C. his ( ) 4. ____ skateboard is new. _____ is old. A. My, Yours B. Yours, His C. Mine, Yours ( ) 5、My father’s birthday is _____ the 27th of March. A. in B. at C. on ( ) 6. That calculator isn’t _____, it’s his brother’s. A. he’s B. he C. his ( )7.Is that comb?No,it’s . A.your,yours B.your,mine C.your her ( )8.These magazines are Helen’s parents’.Please give to A.them,they B.their,them C.them,them ( )9.Where you last Sunday? A. are B.were C.did ( )10.Can you see a hairdryer on the sofa?Yes,it’s .

用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.Tom and Jack are brothers. This is ______ room. 2.Sam and Peter, look at ______ hands. They are so dirty 3.Whose teapot is this ?It’s _______.(he) 4. These classrooms are not _______ (we). They are ________ (they). 5.Is that calculator ________? (you) Yes,it’s _______.(I) Give_____(it) to ______(I),please. 6.A: Look at the Christmas presents . B: _____(they) are so beautiful. A: Are they ______(they) ? B: No,______(they) aren’t ______(they). They’re ____ A: Really? They are _____(we). Give ____(they) to _____(we),please. B: Here you are. A:Thank you!

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