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17 上册 Unit 4 My home Part B

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Read, tick or cross

(1) My books are in the study. ( )

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(2) I’m in the living room. ( )

(3) My cat is in the kitchen. ( )

(4) You can see three pictures in the bedroom. ( )

(5) My puppy is in the bathroom. ( )


Have a sleep

Read a book

Watch TV

Have a snack

Take a shower


(一)New words:


Go to the living room Go to the kitchen Go to the study Go to the bathroom Go to the bedroom

床 课桌 椅子

门 窗户


桌子 沙发 书架

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I’m in the bedroom. Where are you? (有志者事竟成)

Unit 4(第三课时)预习导学

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1、预习A、B部分Let’s talk中的句子,初步了解一般疑问句和由Where 引导的特殊疑问句的用法。

2、预习Story time部分,了解故事的大概意思。

3、预习Good to know 部分,从中初步了解西方国家的房屋结构和各部分的名称。



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How many do you have? (书桌)

What color is your

This is a nice . (床)

Sarah has 2 . (椅子)

Open the .(窗户)

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