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Name class score 一根据中文写英文(10%)

骑自行车__________ 拉小提琴____________ 报纸________________ 女演员__________ 画家___________ 工程师________________ 警察_____________会计_______________ 销售员_______________________ 苗,嫩芽______________


Come out______________ fall down_____________wake up_____________ become_______________sunshine_____________ design________________ different_______________ fruit stand______________ dictionary_________________ science museum_____________

三、选出下面各组单词中划线部分读音与给出的音标不同的一个。(10%) (

( ) 1. / e / A. gt ) 2. / ? / A. plne B. m B. ct C. C. f

( ) 3. / u ?? A. choose B. hook c. childhood

( ) 4. / a:?? A. path B. father c. as

( ) 5. / e / A. get B. van c. very


( )1、Sarah is going to the bookstoreon Saturday .

A、by foot B、on foot C、on bike ( )2、 is the library ? It’s in front of the school.

A、What B、When C、Where ( )3、Turn right the school. Then go straight. It’sthe left.

A、on at B、at on C、in at ( )4、Where is the post office? It’s west the cinema.

A、in B、on C、of ( )5、Sarah, let’s to the park this afternoon.

A、go B、going C、went ( )6、Go straight five minutes. Then turn left.

A、for B、at C、in ()7.My father often_sports in the evening.

A. does B. doing C. do D. is ( )8.What are you going to do tomorrow? 一_

A. Swims. B. Swimming. C. Swim.

( )9. Does the water come_the cloud

A. at B. from C. to ( )10. Chenglong is_good actor.

A. a B. an C./


( )1、Where does the vapour come from? A、I am going to the park.

( )2、Where are you going?B、Sure.

( )3、Can you help me? C、It comes from the water.

( )4、What is his hobby? D、He is tall and strong.

( )5、What’s he like? E、Yes, he does

( )6、Does he watch TV in the evening? F、I like making kites.

( )7、What does she do G、I’m going to be an artist.

( )8、Where does he work?H、He works in a bank.

( )9、What are you going to be? I、He likes diving.

( )10、What is your hobby? J、She is a singer.


1、 It comes from the clouds.

2、Where does the vapour come from?



He is a singer.

4、 She works in a car company.


She goes to school on foot.

6、Does Alice go to school by bike?(肯定回答)


1、I often (read/reads) story books in the evening.

2、My uncle likes(collect/collecting)stamps.

3、My friend(go/goes) to school by bike every day.

4、They often(play/plays) football after school.

5、Alice(write/writes) an E-mail to me every day.


My name is Tim. Tomorrow is the weekend. We have no classes. My parents aren’t going to work, but we are going to be very busy tomorrow. My mother is going to buy something for next week. My father is going to visit my aunt and uncle. I’m going to play computer games with my cousin. Tomorrow evening we are going to have a big dinner. After that we are going to the cinema. I think we are going to have a nice weekend.

( ) 1. Tomorrow is Saturday.

( ) 2. Tim’s mother is going to buy something for next week.

( ) 3. Tim’s father is going to visit his grandparents.

( ) 4. Tim is going to play computer games with his sister.

( ) 5. Tomorrow evening they are going to the cinema.

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