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crushed by misfortune

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The poor in America

Poverty line
Criterion in the United Nations: each one 365$ a year. The poverty line in U.S.: 10,991$ each person per year. 14,051$ in a two person’s family per year. 17163$ in a three person’s family per year. 22025$ in a four person’s family per year.

Different types of poor people
General poor people

Different types of poor people
People in slum

Different types of poor people
The homeless

Total number: 39,800,000. It occupied 13.2% in the population of America. 8.6% are white people 11.8% are asians亚裔人 23.2% are Hispanic people西裔人 24.87% are the black

How poor they are?
A general poor family 43% of the poor family have their own house, with three bedrooms, a family room, a reception room, a kitchen and two washroom. Some of them also have car, TV, fridge, aircondition, washing machine, microwave微波炉 But most of the poor are troubled with utilities, house rent and other daily expenses.

Different standard of life: most of them are not in absolute poverty. Poor education is the most important reason. (high fee for those well equipped private schools. ) Most of them are discriminated by the rich. The employers don’t want to hire them either. Then, they become poorer and poorer, sometimes even generation by generation.

Low income is also a major reason. The self-esteem make the poor invisible. Lack the bravery of fighting, fighting with the dignity, fighting for their future.

Welfare system for the poor
They have different kinds of welfare for house, telephone, education and so on. For a three person’s family they can get at least one month 1000dollars, which is sometimes more than a working family’s income.

The food in supermarket are closing to the deadline, the poor can pick up the food by the foodstamps.

Free lunch
Children in poor family can have free lunch

They can go to the shelter for a short time, food, find a job, pay money, leave out.

Solution: government
Government should take some measures to ensure the poor children’s chances to go to schools and encourage the employers to try to give more chances to the poor students, let them do what they can do.

Solution: the poor
Know their situation, ask help for the government, not just hid their poverty. they should try their best to learn more to empower themselves! They themselves are their savor!

Short conversations
1. crush eg. spirits that had been crushed by rejection and failure. 2. stand/get on one's feet 3. incentive→disincentive 4. get down: depress eg. This wet weather is getting me down.

5. devastate eg. She was devastated by her mother's death. 6. break down eg. He broke down and wept when he heard the news.

A Long Conversation
1. benefit(s) medical benefit / unemployment benefit 2. on account of eg. We delayed our departure on account of the bad weather. 3. observant eg. Journalists are trained to be observant.

A Passage
1. exempt eg. exemp

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