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1( )There weren’t ___buses ..A. some B. any C. one

2 ( ) We lived ___ a small house. A at B in Con

3 ( )Yesterday I watched TV ____my grandchildren. A and B with C to 4 ( ) Thank you for____ me. A help B helping C helped

5 ( ) She ____ TV every day. A watching B watched C watches. 6 ( ) It’s a programme ___ monkeys. A about B for C in

7 ( ) She ____ have a bike last year. A doesn’t B didn’t C don’t

8 ( ) My mother worked ____the fields. A in B on C at

9 ( ) ---___do you go to school every day?

--- I go to school by bus.

A How B What C When

10( ) There ___ three books on the desk one hour ago.

A was B were C are


1 She was a teacher.(变一般疑问句)

________ _________ a teacher?

2 They will fly kites. (变否定句)

They________ fly kites.

3 They should cook vegetables. (变否定句)

They ________ cook vegetables

4 He visited the British Museum yesterday.(变为一般将来时态)


5 There were many buses. (变为一般现在时态)


live(过去式)______________ city(复数)____________ be(过去式)____________ do(过去式)_____________ talk(现在分词)___________ dance(名词)___________ learn(过去式)___________ come(现在分词)_______________


在田地里______________ be tired___________________

努力学习______________ teach Chinese______________

读书_________________ by school bus______________

做蛋糕_______________ foreign languages_______________ 谈论_________________ learn English___________________

4、选词填空。who what where do did

1--- _______were you last night? ---I was at school.

2---________is the old lady? ---She’s my grandma.

3---________ ________she do yesterday? ---She learnt English.

4----__________they watch TV every day? --- No, they don’t.


give(过去式)______________ city(复数)____________ drink(过去式)____________

sing(名词)_____________eat(现在分词)___________ study(过去式)___________ dangerous(反义词)___________ shop(现在分词)_______________

know (同音词) . wear (同音词(反义词)

6、 用动词的正确形式填空(5分)

1).Many years ago, she_________(cook) on a fire.

2).Let’s______________(go) to the supermarket.

3).He ____________(do) her homework last night.

4).They ________(be) going to cook English food.



1( )I’ve got __email from Lingling. A a B an C one

2 ( ) She ___ an English breakfast yesterday. A has B have C had

3 ( )What __ she ___ yesterday evening?

A did, have B did, has C does, have

4 ( ) They had noodles ___ lunch. A on B in C for

5 ( ) Lingling ___ English food very much. A. likes B. like C. liked

6 ( ) What___ Daming__ to eat tonight? A are, going B. is, going C does, go

7 ( ) He ____ eat hamburgers tonight. A does go to B is going to C are going to

8 ( ) She __ one apple to dog every day. A give B gives C gave

9 ( ) He __ fish last night. A ate B eat C eating

10 ( ) ---____ Amy___ Chinese food ? --- Yes, she does.

A. Did, miss B. Does, missed C Does ,miss


find(过去式)_______lady(复数)____________ bring(过去式)____________

dance(名词)_____________study(现在分词)___________ use(过去式)___________ easy(反义词)___________ write(现在分词)_______________

too(同音词) . I(同音词

9、 翻译下列短语。

传统的中国食物_________________ 有关计算机的书_______________

列车信息_________________ 图书证______________ 带回来____________

make an e-card_____________ in two week’s time___________________

be good at___________ listen to music_________ find out_____________

10、 用动词的正确形式填空(5分)

1)Sam _________ ( get up) early this morning.

2)Lingling _________ (drink) some milk now.

3)We_______ (live) in a small house last year.

4)-What ____ (do ) you do tomorrow? -I _______ (work) in the office.

5)She ______(want) to help students.


1( )The timetable ___ ___ the wall. A are, on B is, in C is, on

2 ( ) Please bring ___the book __ two week’s time.

A back, in B on, in C about, after

3 ( ) It’s easy ___ a computer. A on B in C with

4 ( ) Let’s___ to the library. A go B going C went

5 ( )Where___ the books about food? A is B are C were

6 ( ) There __ any cars or buses. A .were B. weren’t C wasn’t

7 ( ) Here’s a card ___ you. A on B to C for

8 ( )She didn’t__ a radio. A. had B. have C has

9( ) He gave a present __ his Mum. A in B for C to

10( ) Can I have your library card, please? ----- _________

A Yes, I can. B No, I can’t C Yes, here you are.



1)There are lots of _______(bus).

2)Thank you for_______ (dance) to us.

3)She danced in lots of ______(cities).

4) He______________ (teach) English now.

5 )Ten years ago, he _________(teach) Chinese.

6 )He ________(live) there with his three children.

7 )He should ______(study) hard.


1 Where ____ the books about computer? A was B is C are

2 Where ___ you yesterday? A were B are C is

3 Lingling, ____ your bad. A Look B See C Look at

4 The T-shirt has got a panda ___ it. A on B in C at

5 Try this one ____ white. A on B in C at

6 It ____ got four wheels. A is B was C has

7 My cousins ______ Beijing every year. A visit B visits C visited 8 It’s ____ the west of China. A on B in C to

9 We stayed ____ my friend. A for B to C with

10 He made ___ e-card ___ me. A a, to B an, for C a, to


My name is Amy. Last autumn, I went to Beijing with my parents. Beijng is in the north of China. It has lots of places of interest. I visited the Great Wall and took photos with my parents. I went to Tian’an men Square. It is very beautiful. We stayed there for two weeks with my grandparents. We had a lovely time.

1 、Did Amy go with her parents to Beijing?

2 、Where’s Beijing?

3、 Has Beijing got lots of places of interest?

4 、What did Amy do with her parents?

5、 How long did they stay there?

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