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5B M3U3练习

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5B M3U3练习


1. --- What furniture do you see?

--- I see four , a __________ and three __________.

2. --- What weather do you like?

--- I like ’t like _________ days or _________ days.

3. --- Where is the bird?

--- It’s are ___________ the grass.

4. --- What subject do you have in a week?

--- We have


1. on(反义词)__________ 2. they(名词性物主代词)_________

3. have(过去式)__________ 4. the same(反义词) ___________

5. are(过去式)__________ 6. put(现在分词)__________

7. shelf(复数形式)__________ 8. table(同类词) __________

9. beside(近义词)___________ 10. move(现在分词)___________


1. --- You look so tired. Please take a __________. --- Thank you.

2. It’s Sunday today. We have no classes. Shall we go to the ________ now?

3. Look, there are many books on the __________. I like reading books.

4. I put it on the wall or on the table. I can see myself through(通过)it. What is it? It’s a _________.

5. There are some rooms in our house. I like my ___________ best. I can read, write and do my homework there.


1. Let’s ___________ (move) the furniture now. .

2. Let’s give ________(he) a surprise!

3. There ____________ (be) a chair under the desk. Now the chair __________ (be) under the table.

4.Mrs Li ______ (move) the furniture every Sunday. Look. She _____ (move) the furniture now.

5. --- How many _________ (bookshelf) are there in _________ (you) study? --- Only one. But there are a lot of books there.

6. --- Where ____________ (be) your cousins?

--- They _____________ (read) books in the library. Sh…Be quiet.

7. --- What ________ your father ________ (have) yesterday morning? --- He__________ (has) a bottle of milk and some cakes.

8. Please draw some _________ (furniture).

9. Look, the children ______________ (put) some flowers in the bottle.

10. --- What __________ he __________ (do) yesterday evening?

--- He ______ (sit) on the sofa and ________ (watch) an English cartoon.


1. The mirror is behind the bookshelf.(改成否定句,但意思不变)


2. The pictures were in the bag.(改为一般疑问句)


3. Please put some crayons on the paper.(改为否定句)


4. There were some offices in the building.(改成单数句)

___________________________________________________________ (根据划线部分提问)


6. The drills are different.(改成否定句,但意思不变)


B. Read and judge(阅读短文,判断正误,用T或F表示):4%

Alice, your sitting room is different. Yes, we have just moved the furniture. The sofa was on the left. Now it is on the right. The big lamp was beside the chair. Now it’s beside the sofa. The small table was between the sofa and the lamp. Now it’s in front of the sofa. The picture was beside the window. Now it’s on the shelf. The plant was on the big table. Nut now I can’t find it. Open the window. Now it’s outside the window.

( ) 1. The sofa was on the right. Now it’s on the left.

( ) 2. There is a big lamp beside the sofa now.

( ) 3. We can see a small table between the sofa and the lamp


( ) 4. The picture was on the shelf. Now it’s beside the window

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