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2013—2014学年度第一学期期中调研测试 五年级英语考试听力材料


1. seat 2.block 3.close 4.know 5.coat 6.flag


1. Zhang Peng often watches TV on the weekend.

2. We have potatoes and eggs for lunch today.

3. Our P.E. teacher is tall and strong.

4. Today is Tuesday.

5. Do you have math class today? ------Yes, we do.

6. Mr Black is our science teacher.



1. Look at that old lady. She’s our principal.

2. I usually read books on Saturdays.

3. What day is it today? ------ It’s Friday.

4. I have fish, cucumbers, carrots and fish for dinner today.

5. We have art and P.E on Wednesdays.


1. What’s your father like?

2. Today is Wednesday. What day is tomorrow?

3. Is your brother strict?

4. What’s your favourite fruit?

5. What do you have for lunch on Mondays?



Sarah: Hello, I’m Sarah. I’m new here.

Mike: Hello, my name’s Mike. Nice to meet you.

Sarah: What do we have on Mondays?

Mike: We have Chinese, English, and art on Mondays.

Sarah: When do we have music class?

Mike: On Wednesday morning.

Sarah: I like music class. I can play the piano.

Mike: Wow! You’re so smart. Let’s go for lunch. We have cabbage and beef today.

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