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1. John _____ come to see us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet.

A. may B. can C. has

to D. must

2. You _____ go to see a doctor at once because you’re got a fever.

A. can B. must C.

dare D. would

3. You __________ miss the last bus.

A. hadn’t better B. didn’t have better

C. had better not D. not had better

4. –Must we do our homework first?

-No, you ______. You may have a rest first.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. may not D. can’t

5. I would rather _____ to school than _____ a bus to school.

A. walk; take B. to walk; take C. to walk; to take D. walk; to take

6. Is he _____ able to predict what will happen in the future?

A. able to B. be able to C. be able for D. able for

7. The children ______ play football on the road.

A. can’t B. can C.

mustn’t D. must

8. -He ______ be in the classroom, I think.

-No, he ______ be in the classroom, I saw him go home a minute ago.

A. can; may not B. must; may not C. may; can’t D. may; mustn’t

9. Debbie __________ swim across the Channel last year.

A. can B. may C.

could D. was able to

10. His arm is all right. He ______ go and see the doctor.

A. has not to B. doesn’t have to C. haven’t

to D. don’t have to

11. -Do you know whose dictionary it is?

-It ______ Li Mei’s. Her name is on it.

A. can be B. must be C. should be D. need be

12. Helen _______ go on the trip with us but she isn't quite sure yet.

A. shall B. must C. may D. can


1-5.ABCBA; 6-10. ACCDB; 11-12. BC

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