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Name___________________ Mark ______________________


( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5.

二、英汉互译(10分) 1.骑自行车_____________ 6. come from___________ 2. 电视台记者____________ 7. play a violin__________ 3. 摩托车________________ 8. make kites___________ 4. 露出,出现______________ 9. get off______________ 5. 醒来__________________

10. traffic rule___________

三、词形转换. (10分)

1,come (现在分词 2.do(第三人称单数 3.policeman(复数 4.dive(现在分词 5.teach(第三人称单数 6. dive(ing形式 7.write (名词 8.teach (名词

9.watch (第三人称单数 10.live(第三人称单数


1. I teach lessons. I am a __________________. 2. I clean streets. I am a ___________________. 3. I sing songs. I am a ____________________. 4. Tom dances. He is a ____________________. 5. Mary writes stories. She is a _____________. 五、选择填空(10分) ( )1.What’s your hobby?

A. Swiming B. Swimming C. Swim ( ) 2. Does your mother wash clothes? __________

A. Yes, she doesn’t

B. Yes, he does

C. No, she doesn’t ( ) 3. What does Tom do? _________

A. Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy

C. Tom is a teacher ( ) 4. How does he go to school? _______

A. On feet

B. By foot

C. On foot

( ) 5. He likes ________planes. He likes ________, too.

A. make/swimming B. making / swimming C. making / swim ( ) 6. I don’t have a brother _________ sister. A. or B. and C. the ( ) 7. He usually plays at the park __________ Sunday. A. in B. at

C. on ( ) 8. Who is he? He is _________ brother.

A. mine B. my

C. I ( ) 9. She ___________ football everyday.

A. playing

B. play C. plays ( ) 10. Happy birthday! _________

A. The same to you

B. Thank you


五、组成句子 (10分)

1. same / the / like / We / things / don’t

_____________________________________________________________ . 2. bus / to / school / by / He / goes

_____________________________________________________________. 3. Ann / TV / on / cartoons / watches

_____________________________________________________________. 4. dose / in / a / factory / works/ car/she


5. from / does / the / Where / rain / come

_____________________________________________________________? 六、选择括号内正确的一个。(5分)

1. They (A; has / B: have) lunch in the kitchen. 2. She (A: watch / B: watches) TV in the evening. 3. We (A: ride / B: rides) a bike to our school. 4. Ton and Alice (A: likes / B: like) listening to music. 5. His mother (A: wear / B: wears) a black coat. 七、改错: (10分)

( - A B C D ( - A B C D (

- A B C D ( ) 4.

- A B C D

( - A B C D 八、读句子,标序号 (10分)

( ) Add water often. ( ) Put the pot under the sun. ( ) Plant the seeds in the soil. ( ) Wait for a flower to grow. ( ) Wait for a sprout.


This is Billy and his brother’s bedroom. It’s not very big, but it is tidy(整洁).There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between the beds. There are some books on the desk. . Some are English books. Some are Chinese books. There is a phone on the desk, too. There

are two chairs beside the desk. One is for Billy, and the other(另一把)is for his brother. There is a map of America on the wall. There is a map of the world on the wall, too. Billy and his brother like their bedroom very much. 1. The bedroom is small, and it’s clean. ( ) 2. There are two desks in the bedroom. ( ) 3. There are some Math books on the desk. ( ) 4. There are two maps on the wall.

( ) 5. There isn’t a phone in the bedroom.

( )

十.阅读文章,并回答问题 10分

My pen pal is Lily, she lives in New Zealand(新西兰).It ’s next to Australia(澳大利亚).She is a quiet girl. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures. She wants to be an artist in the future. She goes to school on foot. She has a brother. His name is Jill. He is only five. He likes riding his small bike in the garden and playing with his toy cars. Her father is a baseball player. Her mother is an accountant. She works in a bank. They both go to work by car. They are very happy. 1、Where is New Zealand?

( )

A. It’s next to America. B. It’s next to Australia. C. It’s next to China.

2、What’s Lily’s hobby?

( )

A. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures.

B. She likes riding his small bike in the garden and playing with his toy cars. C. She likes drawing comic pictures and riding a bike. 3、What does her father do? ( ) A. He’s a baseball player B. He’s a football player C. He’s a policeman 4、How does her father go to work?

( ) A. On foot. B. By bus. C. By car. 5. What does Lily want to be in the future?

( )

A. An actress. B. An artist. C. A singer

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