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1.A.have a fever B.have lunch C.have a stomachache

2.A.fater B.thiner


3.A.go fishing B.went hiking

C.rowed a boat

4.A. angry B.tired


5.A.went ice-skating B.go skiing C.play ping-pong


( )1.A. tooth B. tail C.squid

( )2.A.happy Btired C.have

( )3.A.did B.clean


( )4.A.last B.Friday C.Thursdasy

( )5.A.see B.went C.swim


( )1.- ? -She’s 159 cm tall.

A.How tall is she B.How ta ll are you C.How old is she

( )2.-Did you TV yesterday?

A.watched .B.watch C.see

( )3.-What did you do ?

A.last week .B.tomorrow C.next week

( )4.My ruler is than yours.

A.long .B.shorter C.longer

( )5.- the matter?

A.What .B.What is C.How is

( )6.If you are sick,you can see the .

A.teacher .B.engineer C.doctor

( )7.I a dictionary yesterday?

A.bought .B.buy C.am going to buy

( )8.-How Liu Huan today?

-He’s excited.

A.do;feel .B.does;feel C.does;feels

( )9.-How does your sister feel? - .

A.See monkeys .B.Angry C.Read a book

( )10.- you help them cook noodles?

-Yes,I did.

A. Do . B.Does C.Did

( )11.-You’re thinner your cousin. -Yes,you are right.

A.than . B.then C.4 kg

( )12.-What do you usuallly do in the afternoon?

-I to the park.

A.going Bwent. C.go

( )13.John is 45 kg.Mike is 50kg.So .

A.Mike is bigger than John. .B.Mike is thinner thanJohn. C.Mike is heavier thanJohn. ( )14.- you go on your holiday?

-I went to Beijing.

A.When .B.Where C.What

( )15.Sam failed his math test so he’s .

A.happy .B.sad C.excited


( )1.Do you have a headache? A.I’m feeling better. ( )2.I failed my Chinese test. B.He’s sad.

( )3.How are you feeling now? C.I played the piano.

( )4.Yesterday I studied English D.I’m sorry to hear that. with my brother.How about you?

( )5.Whhat’s thev matter with Nick? E.No,I Don’t.


( )1.Many people get the flu. A.明天我将返回家。

( )2.I’m going on a big trip. B.许多人患了流感。

( )3.Did you help them clean their room? C.突然我的风筝落到了水里。 ( )4.Tomorrow I’ll be back home. D.你帮他们打扫他们的房间了吗? ( )5.Suddenly my kite flew into the kite. E.我将进行一次长途旅行。


1.-How he feel?

-He is .

2.-Did you go shopping yesterday?

-Yes,I did .I for my mother.

3.- the matter?

3.-I have a .

4.-What you do last weekend?


5.Zhang San is and than Li Si.

Li Si Zhang San


1.holiday go did where you on your (?)

2.me are shorter than you (.)

3.so you today look happy (.)

4.does your how feel brother (?)

5.my sang with and new friends danced I (.)


Mike:Hi,Mom!How are you?

Mom:I’m fine.Thank you.How about your weekend?

Mike:I was so busy last weekend.I visited my grandparents Saturday morning.Then I played football Saturday afternoon.

Mom:Did you wash your clothes?

Mike:Yes,I did.I washed the clothes Saturday evening.I went swimming Sunday morning.Then I cleaned my room Sunday afternoon.

Mom:Did you listen to music Sunday evening?

Mike:No,I didn’t.I watched TV.

Mom:That’s great.

( )1. Mike Sunday morning.

A.washed the clothes B.visited his grandparents. C.went swimming.

( )2.What did Mike do Saturday afternoon?

A..He watched TV. B.He played football. C..He cleaned the room.

( )3.How was Mike’s last weekend?

A.Busy .B.Free. .C.Not busy.

( )4.Did Mike listen to music?

A.No,I didn’t. B.Yes,he did C.No,he didn’t.

( )5.How is Mike’s mother?

A.. Bad. B. we don’t know. C.Fine.


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