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浦东新区201 3学年度第二学期小学五年级学习质量调研英语试卷

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Part l Listening(听力部分)30%

I.Listen and choose(听录音,选出听到的内容,将字母代号写在答题纸上):10%

1.A./jes/ B./ges/ C./mes/

2.A. /pea/ B./pua/ C./pia/

3.A. /wet/ B./wert/ C./wait/

4.A.fruit B.food C.foot

5.A.grow B.glue C.crow

6.A.9:50 B.9:10 C.8:50

7.A. an interesting insect B.an interesting story C.an interesting film

8.A. do everything loudly B.do everything quietly C.do everything quickly

9.A. There is a short break after each class.

B. There is a short break before each class.

C. Is there a short break after each class?

10.A.Whose picture book is this? It's his.

B. Whose picture book is this? It's hers.

C. Whose story book is this? It's hers.

Ⅱ.Listen and choose(听问句,选答句;听答句,选问句,将字母代号写在答题纸上):5%

1.A. That's a good idea. B. Not at all. C. Here we are.

2.A. They're theirs. B. It's theirs. C. Yes, it's theirs.

3.A. Yes, I did. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I have.

4.A. What is your favourite fruit? B. What is your favourite vegetable?

C. What is your favourite film?

5.A. What do healthy children often eat? B. What do healthy children often do?

C. What do unhealthy children often do?

Ⅲ.Listen and choose(听录音,根据问题选择正确的答案,将字母代号写在答题纸上):5%

1.A. Some bread and milk. B.A sandwich and some juice. C.A cake and some juice.

2.A. No, his are blue. B. Yes, they are. C. They're Jill's.

3.A. He did his homework. B. He enjoyed the quiet music. C.He watched TV

4.A. 45 yuan. B. 60 yuan. C. 75 yuan.

5.A. At 8:20. B. At 8:30. C. On Friday afternoon.

Ⅳ.Listen and fill in the blanks(听录音,填入所缺单词完成短文,每线一词,将答案写在答题纸上):5%

Hello, I'm Tom. I like 1 films very much. I often go to Star Cinema 2 my friend Tony at weekends. The 3 there are very comfortable(舒适的).Last Saturday, I wanted to see the film Little Rat Cook. But Tony wanted to see__4__film. At last we saw the film Rabbit Run. It was 5 .We had a good time.

V. Listen and choose<听录音,选择最佳答案,将字母代号写在答题纸上):5% 1. Jack and Bob share .

A. the socks B. a bed C. a bedroom 2. Bob always _.

A. keeps all his things tidy B. leaves his things everywhere

C. cleans his bedroom 3. socks are red.

A. Jack's B. Bob's C. Bob and Jack's 4. Where are the black and white socks?

A. On the chair. B. Under the bed. C. On the bed. 5. helps . They're good brothers.

A. Mum... Bob B. Bob... Jack C. Jack... Bob

Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar(词汇与语法部分)48%

I.Copy the sentences(正确抄写下列句子,注意大小写和标点符号,将答案写在答题纸上):5%

can i have two tickets for toy story please sure

Ⅱ.Look and write(根据图意,写出合适的单词完成句子,每线—词,首字母已给,将答案写在答题纸上):8% 1. Please wait for me at the e 2. Are these c Kitty's? Yes. 3. M is Peter's favourite s 4. Ben and Kitty s_ on the sofa and watched a cartoon yesterday. 5. They were p_ . Now they are dogs. 6. An apple a day k the doctor a .

Ⅲ.Read and complete(读一读,选词填空完成句子,将答案写在答题纸上):6% 1. We can leam new words in _, Wow, so nice! 2. The drill is too loud. Kitty didn't like it . 3. Please don't watch TV. It's not good for your eyes. 4. Look at the moths. They can _ on a leaf. 5. --- I'm too tired. Shall we play games _, dear? - OK, Mum. 6. They went to the Ocean World last week There were lovely fishes in it. Ⅳ.Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案,将字母代号写在答题纸上):12%

1.?“Boom?Boom?”What's that noise? ?It's .

A. a lorry B. a drill C.a drum 2. --- Shall we on the Internet? - Great.

A. chat B. chatting C. chats 3. --- Ben, is this _ schoolbag? - No, is in the desk.

A. your. . . my B. yours . . .mine C. your. . . mine 4. --- Can you make a sound? - Of course, I can shout .

A. loud. . . loudly B. loudly. . . loud C. loudly. . .loudly 5. It's 11:30. It's time lunch. Let's go the canteen

A. to. . . to B. for. . .to C. of. . .into 6. These children eat too many every day. They aren't healthy.

A. vegetable B. sweets C. sweet food

7. --- Would you like green tea, Grandpa? - Thank you. You're a good boy

A. some B. any C. a 8. Once he a little baby. Now he a big boy.

A. is... is B. is... was C. was... is

9. Do you know how the insect grows? Which one is correct (正确的 ) ?

A. egg→cocoon→caterpillar→butterfly

B. egg→silkworm→cocoon→butterfly

C. egg→silkworm→ cocoon→moth 10. --- Where is the supermarket, Mum? -- Look! It's on our right.

A. Here we are. B Here you are. C. Here they are. 11. --- - Once a month.

A. How do you go to the library? B. How ofien do you go to the library?

C. When do you go to the library? 12. --- - You should wear warm clothes.

A. Do you wear warm clothes? B. What should I do?

C. Should I wear warm clothes?

V. Rewrite the sentences(按要求改写下列句子,每线—词,将答案写在答题纸上):lO%

1.There is some beef in the fridge.(改成一般疑问句)

there beef in the fridge?

2.Please put the brushes on the shelf(改成否定句) . put the brushes on the shelf,

3.The children are at City Square now. (用yesterday替换now,其余部分作相应调整) The at City Square yesterday.

4. These are Danny’s notebooks. (根据划线部分提问) notebooks are ? 5. I had some rice and meat for lunch. What you for lunch?(根据划线部分提问)

Ⅵ.Read and write(读一读,用适当的单词填空,使句子完整,每线一词,将答案写在答题纸上):7%

1. The students can sing and dance in this class. Most students like it. It's a class. 2. Snow White is a film about a beautiful and seven dwarfs. 3. I like carrots and very much. They are my favourite vegetables 4. Jim likes some exercise all day and all night. So he runs quickly into the hole. 5. Yesterday Linda a loud noise in the garden. She was afraid. 6. The young man lives in Shanghai. He often rides a bike or a _ to work. 7. There is an egg in the nest. Please guess...It may become a .

Part 3 Reading and Writing(阅读与写话部分)22%

I.Read and choose(选择适当的句子完成对话,每句限用一次,将字母代号写在答题纸上):5%

It's lunch time. The children are having lunch together

Jane: I'm having chicken and cabbages. 1

Danny I'm having pork, eggs and my favourite beef. Oh, carrots... Peter: What's wrong, Danny? 2

Danny No, I don't like vegetables. I hate (i讨厌) carrots. I like meat. Jane: You can't eat too much meat. 3

Peter: Jane is right. You should eat a healthy meal.

Danny 4

Peter: Eat more vegetables and fruit and eat less meat.

Danny Oh, I see. 5

Peter: So, your pork and beef are mine now!

Danny Hey, you!

Ⅱ.Reading comprehension(阅读理解):11%

A Read and judge(阅读短文,判断正误,用T或F表示,将答案写在答题纸上):6% Mary is a beautiful girl. She has a pet-a blue bird. Its name is Gigi. One day she saw the bird standing on a small box. It was very sad. Mary asked her mother why. Her mother said, ‘I think it has no friends to play with. We can find some friends for it.' ‘But where can we find it some friends?' ‘I have an idea,' said Mother. Then they found some corn and much rice in the kitchen and put them outside near the bird. Soon many hungry birds came. Gigi saw many birds here and there. It was happy. Mary and her mother were happy too.

(洼:划线单词为动词的过去式see-saw ask-asked say-said find-found come-came)

1. Mary's pet is a black bird.

2. Mary and Gigi were together but Gigi was unhappy.

3. The bird was on a small box.

4. Mary's mother put some corn and rice in the kitchen.

5. There were many hungry birds eating around Gigi.

6. Finally, Gigi played with many birds happily.

B. Read and answer(阅读短文,正确回答下列问题,将答案写在答题纸上):5%

I don't need my ears

Min is a cat. One day, Min is tired and he wants to sleep in the house.

He can hear an aeroplane flying in the sky.“Woof, woof.” Here comes a dog. Dogs and cats are not friends. The dog doesn't like Min and runs away.

Min can't hear the dog. But he can hear the cars and a boat. They are very noisy. They nearly make him crazy(疯狂). He looks very sad because he wants to sleep. ‘Ring! Ring! ' A telephone. ‘Ting! Ting! 'A bicycle. ‘Beep! Beep! ' A car. ‘Oh, my god! ' Min becomes very angry and he shouts, ‘I don't like noises! Who can give me quiet environment (坏境)! I don't need my ears!'

1. Why does Min want to sleep?

2. Is there an aeroplane flying in the sky?

3. Is it quiet or noisy outside?

4. Does Min like the noises?

5. How does Min feel in the end?

Ⅲ.Think and write(同学们,校园生活丰富多彩!请选择其中的一天,有My school life为题,写写你最喜欢的课程、活动等,并说说喜欢的理由。不少于40个单词,至少3种不同的句型,将答案写在答题纸上):6%

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