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2014PEP新版4年级下册Unit 4 At the farm

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Unit 6 At a farm
Part A

Hello ,boys and girls .I’m KeNan .

Let’s go to the farm.

What’s this?

It’s a horse .

I am hungry.

The horse is hungry.

Look here. Stop !

Help !help!

I’m a cow. I’m . big Thank you.

I’m a cow.I’m


Let’s go


An egg??

It’s a hen.

Let’ go together.

I’m a lamb.
Where is my mom?

Where is your mom?

I’m here. I’m a sheep.

Is it a No ,It’s a sheep? goat.

Wow ,a big farm.

Guess ,what are they?
They are hens .

cows lambs goats horses sheep

They are my animals. I like them.

At night,…

A h ?My animals?

What happened?

Your animals are here. If you pass(通过) three doors ,you can rescue(救出) them.


You win(赢了).
They are rescued.(他们被救 了).

Yeah ! Thank you!

Play a game:
Remember the pictures and numbers.

hen hen

cow cow

goat goat

horse horse

lamb lamb

sheep sheep

What are they?
They are …….

Let’s chant:
What are they? What are they?
Horses, horses They are horses. What are they? What are they? Sheep, sheep. They are sheep. What are they? What are they?

Goats, goats They are goats.

We should love animals.

If you want to have a farm ,

what animals do you like?


Talk about your reasons. (说说你喜欢的理由) I like lambs .(hens ,dogs,…….) They are white .(big , small ,white ,fat,……)

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