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she had eggs and sausages五年级下册第三模块教学设计

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Module3 Unit 1 《She had eggs and sausages》教学设计

一、 Warmer and teach new words:

1.Greetings and chant

(让学生复习韵句:noodles and rice are very very nice.)

T:well done!dear children,today I prepared many food.look!

( 1 )先用幻灯片展示几张中国食物图片,rice, noodles,dumplings They are traditional Chinese food.(教授traditional)

And they are very delicious(教授单词)

We always have rice, noodles, and dumplings for meals. Do you know any English food?再展示英国食物图片一边复习旧知识,一边学习新词汇。Hamburgers,

sandwiches, sausages are traditional English dinner. I like them very much. They are delicious.:Make a sentence with delicious. For example: Apple is delicious S: …… is delicious.的学习。

(2) Review the new words

T: OK! 火眼金睛Let’s read the words quickly.

二、Teach the important sentences.

T: Fish and chips are traditional English food。 but I didn’t eat them. I had noodles for lunch, what did you have?

Ss: I had rice/milk/noodles…

Show some pictures of food. Let the students use the sentences to make dialogues in pairs.

Play a game.

小组内开展“街头采访”的游戏。其中一位同学扮演小记者,向其他成员提问:What did you have for breakfast/lunch/ dinner yesterday? 被采访的同学用:I had ?? for ??.来回答。采访时你可以加入自己的语言、表情、动作。

教师抽取一名学生回答,然后再请其他同学转述该同学的回答:“He/She had?? for breakfast.”

Practice this sentences: What did she /he have for breakfast/lunch/dinner yesterday?She/He had……

三、Teach the new lesson.

T: Daming got an email from Lingling.

Do you know email?Look email ,

It’s about English food. Now let’s have a look.

1.What did Lingling have for breakfast?

2.What did she have for lunch?

3.What did she have for dinner?


四\朗读对话之后,让学生分组扮演Fanfan和 Daming进行对话练习。6.Extension




S1: Excuse me. What did you have for breakfast?

S2: I had noodles.

S1: why don’t you have a sandwich?

S2: I think it’s not good for my health in the morning.

S1: Thank you very much. Excuse me. What did you have for lunch?

4.T: Boys and girls, Look at these pictures. Do you want to be a fat pupil?

S: No!

T:You should be careful of your diet.

5.Let's play (趣味操练)

将一些图片分发给一部分同学,要求其他的同学会运用所学的句型进行问答。例如:老师指着一名拿汉堡的同学问:What did she/he have for breakfast? 让同学回答:He/She had a hanmburger


2. Chant:

Breakfast breakfast

What did she have?

Eggs sausages

She had eggs and sausages.

四、 作业(Consolidation and extension)

1. 做一个“健康饮食”的调查。



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