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学校:_________ 班级:_________ 姓名:__________Mark:


一、Listen and choose.听录音,你将听到一个句子,选择相符合的一项,并将其英文大写字母编号填在题前的括号里。(10分)

1.( ) A. Miss B. Mrs. C. Mr.

Mr. Lin is tall and strong.

2. ( ) A. short B. shirt C. skirt

I am wearing a skirt today.

3. ( ) A. strong B. smart C. small

My brother is very smart.

4. ( ) A. Thursday B. Tuesday C. Saturday

We have English and science on Thursday.

5. ( ) A. do the dishes B. do homework C. do housework We often do housework on Saturday.

6. ( ) A. a new math teacher B. a smart art teacher

C. a funny English teacher

We have a funny English teacher.

7. ( )A. favourite fruit B. favourite food C. favourite vegetable Grapes are my favourite fruit.

8. ( ) A. The table is in front of the curtains.

B. The desk is in front of the closet.

C. The closet is in front of the curtains.

9. ( ) A. He likes some eggplant. B. I’d like some eggplant.

C. She’d like some eggplant.

10. ( ) A. There is an English book on the shelf.

B. There is an English book on the bed.

C. There is an end table near the shelf.




1. I often help my mom do housework at home.

2. I can see a river in the picture.

3. How many cars on the roads? Four.

4. What’s your study like? It’s small. There is a lamp on the desk.

5. What can your sister do? I can water the flowers.

6. Is Miss Ma short? No, she isn’t.

7. What day is it today? It’s Saturday.

8. Do you often do homework on Monday?

No, I often clean my bedroom and cook the meals.

9. What day is it today? It’s Wednesday.

10. What’s your favourite colour? I like blue.

三、Listen and choose.根据你在录音中听到的问题,选出最合适的答句,并将其英文大写字母编号填写在题前的括号里。(共10分)

1. ( ) A. It's Friday today. B. It’s a fine day today.

C. It's Friday tomorrow.

What’s the weather like on Friday?

2. ( ) A. They are in the closet. B. There is a book on the bed.

C. It’s on the bed.

Where are the clothes?

3. ( ) A. She’s smart and pretty. B. She's my math teacher.

C. Yes, she is my math teacher.

What’s your math teacher like?


4. ( ) A. I’d like some eggplant. B. Yes, please.

C. I like eggplant.

Would you like eggplant?

5. ( ) A. I have beef and mutton. B. We often watch TV.

C. We have English.

What do you often do on weekend, Amy and Sarah?

1. _Mr._Liu is _strict_but kind.

2. Today is Wednesday_. We have _math

3. My favourite food is _tomatoes. They’re __tasty

4. My uncle can _use a computer.

5. There is a _bridge_over the _river.

五、Listen and judge.根据你在录音中听到的内容判断下列句子的对错,对的在括号内打“√”,错的打“×”。(10分)

( ) 1. John lives in a city in U.S.A.

( ) 2.There is a lake and 2 bridges in John’s village.

( ) 3. Beef isn’t John’s favourite food.

( ) 4. John often do sports on the weekend.

( ) 5. Tom isn’t quiet.

Hi, I am John. I am from a small village in America. There are many small houses in it. There is a river near my house, there are 2 bridges over it, too. I like sports. I often play basketball on Saturdays. I often help my mom do housework on Sundays. So I am very strong and active. Beef is my favourite food, and beef can make me healthy.

五、Listen and fill.你将听到三个为一组的单词,每组单词中有一个单词是不完整的。根据你听到的,填入所缺的字母,每一小横线上只填一个字母。每组单词将连续读两次。



六、Read the conversation and choose the answers.选择合适的句子,将对话补充完整,并将其英文大写字母编号填写在横线上。(10分)

Tom: Hello! Mary, how are you? Mary: __________________. Tom: Today is Thursday. ___________________________?

Mary: We have P.E and computer on Thursday. I like Thursdays. Tom: That sounds great.__________________________________? Mary: I often do homework and help my mom do housework.

Tom: Oh, really? _____________________________?

Mary: Sure. I can wash the clothes, too.

Tom: Great! _______________________.


This is my room. It's big and nice. There is a picture on the wall. There are blue and white curtains. There is a mirror behind the door. My bed isn't big. The air-conditioner is over the bed. It's cool. I have many books on the shelf. There is a desk near the shelf. I have a computer on the desk. I often use my computer. I like my room. I can make the bed and clean the bedroom by myself.

1. Is there a picture over the bed? ( )

A. Yes, there is. B. No, there isn’t.

2. The curtains are ( ). A. blue and brown B. white and blue

3. Are there any books on the shelf? ( )

A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren’t.

4. The door is _____ the mirror. ( ) A. behind B. in front of

5. Can I do housework? ( ) A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can’t.



(favourite, fruit, from, fun, strong, city, student, nice, active, Sunday, housework,


I am a ______, I live in a _______. I have a _______ English teacher. She

isn’t thin but _______.She is _________ Canada. She is ________ and

her class is so much _______.On Saturday and __________, she likes to

do __________ at home. Tofu is her ___________, because it’s very


九、Write down the questions according to the answers.根据答句写问句。

1. A: What’s your science teacher like?

B: ____________________________. 1 2

2. A: What’s your favourite fruit?

B: ___________________________. 3.

3. A: Do you like sweet food?

B: _____________________________. 4 5

4. A: What can your sister do?

B: ______________________________.

5. A: Where is the bird?

B: ______________________________.

十、图中的图画有多处画得不合理,请至少指出四处,将句子写在横线上。 (要求不少于5句话 ,10分)





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