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三年级unit 9 I like apples 教学设计

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Primary school


1. Greetings. 2. Free talk. 3. Revision. 4. Let’s chant.

Step II Presentation and drill

1. Show the picture of “apple” on the screen.

Free talk(创设良好的学习氛围) Revision(巩固所学知识) Let’s chant(活跃课堂气氛,激发学

2. Ss look at the picture and read the word together. 习兴趣 3. Learn words “ pear , peach , watermelon ”in the same way.

4. Show the pictures and learn the sentence pattern. Step III Practice 1. Play games . 2. Listen and repeat. 3. Act the dialogue.

Step IV Consolidation and extension 1. Sum up. 2. Homework.

Look at the picture(通过生动的图片,吸引学生注意力)

Play games(在学中玩,玩中学) Listen and repeat(培养学生的听音和口语能力) Sum up(学生一起总结所学,培养合作精神)

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