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2013学年第二学期三年级英语Unit 8练习听力



1. Where are the storybooks?They are over there.

2. I want to borrow a storybook.

3. Those are science books. These are newspapers.

4. I like to read storybooks. They are funny.

5. Alice doesn’t like to read books.


1. There are so many shelves in the library.

2. What are you reading? An art-and-craft book.

3. Where is our library? It’s over there.

4. Science books tell us many interesting things.

5. So many dishes! Let’s eat with a spoon.


1. What are these?

2. May I have some picture books?

3. Does your friend like reading books?

4. What do you want to do on Children’s Day?

5. Are those pineapples?


1. A: Let’s read books, Mike.

B: OK. So many books! What do you like, Mary?

A; I like storybooks. How about you?

B: I like science books.

Q: What books does Mike like?

2. A: School is over. Let’s play football, Tony.

B: Sorry, Tom. I don’t like to play football. How about reading books?

A: No, thanks. I want to play football. Bye bye.

Q: Who wants to play football?

3. Let me show you our school. This is our dinning room. It’s big. Near the dinning room, there is our library. Our music room is behind it.

Q: Where is the music room?

4. A: What’s for dinner, mum?

B: Meat and sausages.

A: Great! I like them!

B: Here’s a fork for you, Sandy.

A: Thank you, mum.

Q: How can Sandy eat the dish?

5. There are twenty children in our class. Now class is over. Nine boys go out and play. Others are reading books in the classroom.

Q: How many children are there in the classroom after class?

五、听短文,判断句意,对的用T 表示,错的用F 表示:

This is our library. It’s big and clean. We put many kinds of books in it. We put magazines and newspapers near the desks. On the shelf, we put storybooks and picture books. They tell us many stories. Look there, those are art-and-craft books. They tell us how to make beautiful things. I like science books. They tell us science. We read books every day.

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