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一般过去时(The Simple Past Tense)介绍

定义: 1、一般过去时态表示过去某个时间 发生的动作或存在的状态,常和表示 过去的时间状语连用;


I am a student.
我曾经是一名学生。 I am a student.


I was a student. was 是am的过去式。

一般过去时(The Simple Past Tense)介绍

定义: 2、也表示过去经常或反复发生的动 作,常和表示频度的时间状语连用。

He often went to work by bus last year.

如何判断时态: 表示过去的时间状语

yesterday last night/week/month/year/Sunday two days ago in 2008 ……

I walked to school yesterday. You talked to Tom this morning. My father workedlast week. We watched TV three days ago . She looked at you last Friday . You called me at 3pm. They played together in 1999 .
规则动词的一般过去时的构成 =行为动词原形+ed

/t/ finished looked walked
talked worked watched

pull ed played


visited /id/ wanted need ed

loved liked

danced lived




carry cry

--carried --cried

以辅音字母加y结尾的,变y为i,再加 ed

played enjoyed 以元音字母加y结尾的, 直接加ed

一般过去时规则动词的构成形式 1. 规则动词,在原形后加ed work------worked ask----asked 2. 规则动词以不发音的e结尾的,只加d like------liked love------loved 3. 以辅音字母加y结尾的,变y为i,再加ed study---studied carry-----carried 4. 以元音字母加y结尾的,直接加ed enjoy----enjoyed play-----played

辅元辅倒着数,双写最后一个 辅音字母,再加-ed

stop stopped

不规则变化没有规律可循,需特 殊记忆 do—did have---had go----went see---saw come---came get---got read---read give---gave eat---ate make---made find---found

1. I ______ (watch) a cartoon on Saturday. 2. Her father _______ (read) a newspaper last night. 3. We _________ to zoo yesterday, we _____ to the park. (g o) 4. ______ you _______ (visit) your relatives last Spring Festi val? 5. ______ he _______ (fly) a kite on Sunday? Yes, he ______. 6. Gao Shan _______ (pull) up carrots last National Day holi day. 7. I ____________ (sweep) the floor yesterday, but my moth er ______. 8. What _____ she _____ (find) in the garden last morning? She ____ (find) a beautiful butterfly. 9. It ____ (be) Ben’s birthday last Friday 10. We all ___ (hav e) a good time last night. 11. He _____ (jump) high on last Sports Day. 12. Helen ____

? am,is-was are-were, do-did, see-saw, say-said ? give-gave, get- got, go-went, come-came, have-had, ? eat-ate, take-took, run-ran, sing-sang, put-put, ? make-made, read-read, write-wrote, draw-drew, drink-dr ank, ? fly-flew, ride-rode, speak-spoke, sweep-swept, buy-bough t ? swim-swam, sit-sat bring--brought can-could cut-cut ? become-became begin-began draw-drew feel-felt find-fo und ? forget-forgot hear-heard ke

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