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I helped Mum

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I helped Mum.


I cleaned the room.

I watched TV.

I helped Mum.

Find the differences and read them.(比一比,读一读)

now play watch wash cook help


played /d/
watched /t/

washed /t/
cooked /t/

helped /t/

I cooked noodles yesterday.

I helped Mum.

And I washed clothes.

He played on the computer.

And he watched TV.

Tom helped Mum too.

Choose Tor F

1. Yesterday, Amy cooked watched noodles TV. and F helped Mum. 2. Yesterday, Sam played on the computer. F T

3. Yesterday, Sam washed watched clothes. TV.

4. Yesterday, Tom helped playedMum. toys.


Retell the text.(复述课文)
Hello, grandma, Hello? Oh, hi, Amy! I cooked noodles


Oh, really? Yes, I

helped Mum

and I

washed clothes. You are a good girl.

What about Sam?

He didn’t help Mum. He played on the computer and he
watched TV. What about Tom? Tom helped Mum too.

Oh, he is a good boy. I love him.

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