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班级_________ 姓名______________ 成绩___________


① 写出五个元音字母:

② 按规律把词语补充完整:

a. each, peach, beach, t__________ b. mother, father, other, bro_________

c. bike, kite, site, l____k____ d. fish, wash, ash, Engli______

e. bed, desk, pet, ch___ss f. bag, glad, sad, m___th

②meet---( ) break--( ) read--( ) snow---( ) see---( )


a. We watch New Year programs on CCTV. b. My favorite subject is PE.

c. Yes, I did. d. We went there by plane.

e. Don’t worry. I can help you with your lessons. f.I have a fever.

① Did you have a good time? ___________________________________

② How do you spend Spring Festival? ___________________ ____

③ I’m worried about my lessons. ________________________ _

④What’s your favorite subject? ___________________________________

⑤How did you go to Wuyi Mountain? _______________________

6、what’s wrong with you?


1、open your mouth( ) 2、 待在床上( )

3、我头疼。( ) 4、drink a lot of water ( )

5、看花展( ) 6、help each other( )

四. 阅读理解

In the past, I was in China. But my father and mother were in Australia. I often went to Australia 单独) but I was not scared. Some people helped me. The trip was long. But it was interesting.


1. I was in ____________ in the past.

2. My father and mother _____________ in Australia.

3. I ____________ to Australia by plane.

4. Some people ____________ me. 5. I was not _____________.

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