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1. There are a lot of signs here.(改写为一般疑问句)

2. It means “(对画线部分提问)

3. The signs mean “Keep quiet”(改成否定句)

4. The sign 对画线部分提问)

5. 对画线部分提问)

6. You should come. (改成否定句)

7. She is good at swimming.(同义句)

8. It’s 对画线部分提问)

9. Ben runs faster than him.(同义句)

10. ?y birthday is in August? (对画线部分提问)

11. He would like to come. .(改写为一般疑问句)

12. My mother wants to give me a candle. (改成否定句)

13. I’d like 对画线部分提问)

14. What date is it today?(改成同义句)

15. Would you like to have a VCD?(肯定回答)


16. I was here a moment ago. (改成否定句)

17. He was here . (改写为一般疑问句)

18. The bag was on the desk.(改成复数形式)

19. The boys runs every day. (用now 改写句子)

20. 对画线部分提问)

21. The camera was in my bag a moment ago. (改成同义句)

22. The films are on the ground. (用a moment ago 改写句子)

23. He writes a diary every day. .(改成复数形式)

24. 对画线部分提问)

25. Would he like to come? (改为陈述句)

26. The signs means . (对画线部分提问)

27. 对画线部分提问)

28. 对画线部分提问)

29. I visited a farm with Tom. (改写为一般疑问句)

30. They picked apples yesterday.(改成否定句)


31. Liu Tao was here just now . .(改成否定句)

32. 对画线部分提问)

33. We planted and watered trees . .(改成否定句)

34. There are some fruit trees there.(改成一般疑问句)

35. 对画线部分提问)

36. 对画线部分提问)

37. Did you visit your friends?(肯定回答)

38. 对画线部分提问)

39. 对画线部分提问)

40. 对画线部分提问)

41. on Children’s Day. (对画线部分提问)

42. I did my homework at six yesterday.(改成否定句)

43. Helen doesn’t go to school early today.(改成肯定句)

45. The children aren't good at English. (同义句)

46. Where is the shopping centre? (同义句)


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