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pep六年级上册unit2 partB

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Unit one
How do you go there?

一.复习第9页内容,跟读课文两遍,判断一下各题: 1.There are always three lights in every country: red , yellow and green. 2.Red means “ go” . 3.In China and the UK, drivers drive on the right side of the road. 4.If you go on foot ,you must know the traffic rules. 二。接下来我们来学习P8,Let’s talk.大家自己读对话两 遍,并画出路线。 Are you OK? Now follow me ,please.跟读两,三遍。

Jim:How can I get to Zhongshan Park? Chen: You can go by the NO.15 bus. Jim: Can I go on foot? Chen: Sure, if you like. It’s not far=near. 首先,比较how do you和how can I. 2.get to 是达到的意思, get to Zhongshan Park到达 中山公园,那么到达邮局呢?(get to the post office) 到达学校呢?(get to school).但是,记住,home 和 there 前不加to.到家应该是get home,而不是get to home. 到那里,get there ,不是get to there.这个知识点容易出改 错题。请同学们翻译整句话(我怎么能到达中山公园呢?) 解释by the NO.15 bus Can I go on foot?我可以走路去吗?同学们看刚才所画出 的路线,并不远,所以,怎么回答呢? Sure, if you like. It’s not far.讲解好后,师生分角色读。
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1.Let’s talk ,大家都听懂了吗?接下来请同学们翻到课文 P3,仔细讲解彩图内容,,,,,,, A——How do you go to school? go to :去,往,表示过程 get to:到达,表示结果 I go to school on foot. 再一次提醒:home. I go to school by bike. here ,there 前不加to. B------How can I get to the zoo? go home,get home. go there ,get there You can go by subway. C------How can I get to the nature park? You can go by the No.12 bus. 2.现在我们来放松一下,听听音乐,翻到书本P12,大家 认真听,歌声里也包含着很多知识哦。 3,布置作业:相应作业的基础上, 再抄写P11音标3—4遍。

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