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There are two American girls

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There are two American girls. We go to school on weekdays. We stay at home on Sundays and Saturdays. We like our class. We like our teachers. We have six classes a day. But we have four classes on Thursday. On Thursday afternoon, we don’t have any classes. We all play games. Look! The boys are playing football and the girls are singing happily.There’s an apple tree behind Dick’s house. Dick is near the tree. There are some apples on the tree. Dick is looking at the apples. They are big and red. Dick is hungry. He wants to get an apple. Dick isn’t tall. He is short. He can’t reach the apples. He is putting a box under the tree. Can he reach the apples now? No, he can’t . He is too short.Here comes Paul. He is Dick’s brother. “Hello, Dick, what are you doing?”“Please help me, Paul, I can’t reach the apples.” “Here you are, Dick. One for you, and one for me!” “Thank you, Paul.”These days men and women, young and old are wearing the same kind of clothes , and a lot of them have long hair. We often can’t know whether(是否)they are boys or girls, men or women. An old man often goes to walk in the park. He is sitting on a chair now. A young person is standing beside him. “Oh, goodness!” the old man says to the other one. “ Do you see that person with long hair? Is it a boy or a girl? ” “A boy.” says the other one. “He is my son.” “Oh,” says the old

man, “please excuse me. I don’t know you are his mother.” “I’m not his mother. I’m his father. ” says the other one.Mr Hu teaches us English this term. He is nice . He is wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He speaks very good English . He often says with us. We all like him very much.Mr Hu has two little sons. They’re twin brothers. They are only five. They often wear the same clothes. Sometimes Betty goes to Mr Hu’s home. She loves to the twins and play with them. Mr Hu calls his sons, Bao Bao and Bei Bei.Mike and Lucy are brother and sister. They live in a big house. The house stands at the foot of a hill. Near the hill is a big lake.There are four people in their family. Mike, Lucy, their father and mother. Their father is a farmer. Their mother is at home. Mike goes to school, but little Lucy does not. She is only five.Mike likes sports. He swims and skates well . But he likes football best. After school he often plays football with his friends.Lucy likes singing, but he doesn’t like sports.What do you do at the weekend ? Some people like to stay at home, but others like to go for a walk or play football. My friends Jack works hard in a factory during the weekends. At the weekend, he always does the same thing. On Saturday he washes his car and on Sundays he goes with his family to a village by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there.

It isn’t a big one, but there’s always much to do on a farm. The children help with the animals and give them their food . Jack and his wife help in the fields . At the end of the day, they are all hungry and Jack’s aunt gives them a big meal.Mr Smith comes from London. Now he is in China. He is a teacher .He teaches in a middle school. He works very hard. His students like him very much. He can speak a little Chinese . His students often teaches him Chinese on Sundays. Mr Smith likes playing football . He often plays football with his students.Mr Smith has a son. His name is Jack. He is student. He studies in a middle school. He goes to school on bike everyday. He gets back home at four in the afternoon. He likes watching TV in the evening.Do you want to know my family? Let me tell you. My home is in Huangshan. There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I. My father’s name is Wang Dong. He is forty-five years old . He looks young. He is a Chinese teacher, but he knows English. His students think he is a good teacher. He loves me and I love him, too. I think he is a good teacher . My mother’s name is Li Ying. She is a worker. She is a very good worker and mother. My name is Wang Feng. I’m thirteen. I’m a boy. I study in a middle school. The school is near my home. Sometimes I go to school by bike. I study hard.

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