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⑴A:English and maths. B:What do you usually do after ckass?

C:No,only sometimes. D:If have time, I can help ypu. E:Why not paly sports? A:Pat, _ B:I usually study with Mary.

A:What subject do you study? B: _

A:Do you often study together? B: _

A: _ B:My English is not pretty.

A: _ B:Thank you!

⑵A:I lost a computer. B:No, I do not find it. C:Nice to see you.

D:Let’s go to the police station. E:Where did you lose it?

A:Paul, _ B:Nice to see you, too.

A:What did you lose last night? B: _

A:Do you find it? B: _

A: _ B:At home.

A: _ B:OK, let’s go!

⑶A:N0, there isn’t. B:No, there wasn’t. C:Yes, there are.

D:Were there any ferries 2 years ago? E:Are these your old photos?

A:Grandam._ B:Yes, they are.

A:Are there any bridges? B: _

A:Is there a subway here? B: _

A: _ B:Yes,there were.

A:Was there a big school then? B: _

⑷A.Yes,it was. B.What did you do them? C.What did you do last week? D.Nice to see you,too. E.How do you do?

A: __ B:How do you do?

A:Nice to see you! B: __

A: __ B:I swam in the pool.

A:__ B:I climbed the mountain.

A:Was it interesting? B: __

⑸A:Was it big? B:Did you go outside? C:Did tress fall? E:Nice to see you! E:There was a typhoon.

A: __ B:Nice to see you!

A:What happened yesterday? B: __

A: __ B:Yes, they did.

A: __ B:Yes, it was.

A: __ B:No, I went inside.

⑹A.Was it interesting? B.What did you see there? C.No,they were lovely.

D.How did you go to the zoo? E.Where did you go last week?

A:__ B:I went to the zoo?

A:__ B:I was a lot of animals there.

A:__ B:Yes,it was. A:Were they frightening? B: A:Were they frightening B:_

A:_ B:By bike.

⑺A:Yes, it was. B:Yes,I did. C:No, they were lovely. D:On foot.


E:I want to the park.

A:Where did you go last Sunday? B: __

A:Did you see a lot of animals? B: __

A:Were they frightening? B: __

A:Was it interesting? B: __

A:How did you go there? B: __

⑻A:Yes, I was tired. B:Where did you go yesterday? C:What did you bay? D:Who did you go with? E:How did go there?

A: _ B:I want shopping.

A: _ B:I bought a lot of clothes there.

A: _ B:On foot.

A:Were you tired? B: _

A: _ B:Myself.

⑼A:Two weeks. B:How many books did you get? C:Yes, I do.

D:Where did you go yesterday? E:Did you borrow books?

A: _ B:I went to the library.

A: _ B:Yes, I borrowed some books.

A: _ B:Three.

A:Do you like reading? B: _

A:How long did you have it? B: _


Thanks a lot. B. He is not here. C. Can I take a message?

May I speak to Tom please? E. I want to paly chess with him tomorrow.

A:Hello! This is Peter. _ B.I’m sorry . _

A: _ B:Sure.

A: _ B:OK! I’m writing it down.

A: _ B:That’s all right.

⑵A:You can ask:”Who is that?” or “Who is that speaking?”

B;May I ask you some questions?

C;No ,you can say ,This is Tom.’’

D:First say , ‘‘Hello’’, then ‘‘Take a message’’.

E;Oh, I see. Thank you!

A:Hello, pat! _ B:Hello! Tom. Sure. What is it?

A:What should I do when Ianswer the phone? B: _

A:Can Iask, ‘‘Who are you?’’ when Ianswer the phone? B:No,you can’ _

A:I also tell him, ‘‘I am Tom.’’ Am I right? B: _

A: _ B: _

⑶A:Yes,I’m in Room 606. B:Is that Sun Hotel? C:Who’s that?

D:This is Kitty speaking. E:How do you do?

A:Is that jim speaking? B:Yes, that is jim speaking。

A:_ B:Hello,Kitty, How do you do?



A:_ B:Can I come and see you this evening?

:A:OK,come to my hotel。 B:_:

A:_ B:OK!Room 606。See you later。

⑷A:Why do you like winter? B:My favorite season is sunmmer。

C:Which season do you like best? D:I can swim,too。 E:Is’too cold。

Peter:Hello,pat _ Pat:I like winter best。

Peter:_ Pat:Because I can make a snowman。

Peter:I don’t like winter。_ Pat:What’s your favorite season?

Peter:_ Pat:Why?

Peter:Because I can eat ice﹣cream and watermelons。_

⑸A:Yes,I heard aloud noise. B:where were you last night?

C:How about you? D:Do you often train a fire drill?

E:What did you do when you heard it?

A:Peter:_ B:I was out。What’s the matter,Mary

A:Did you hear something last night? B:_

A:There was a fire drill. B: _

A: I got up quickly. _ B:I didn’t sleep. I left the house quickly.

A: _ B:Yes, because it is very important.

⑹A:Why? B:What about you then? C;Parrots. D:Do you like animals E:I like monkeys the best.

A: _ B:Yes. I like them very much.

A:Which animal do you like best? B: _

A: _ B:Because they can repeat very well.

A: They are very clever, too. B: _

A: _ B:Monkeys are clever, too.

⑺A:No, I enjoy playing basketball. B:What did you do last night?

C:Do you often play basketball? D:It can make us healthy. E:You are right..

A: _ B:I watched a football?

A:Do you like playing football? B _:

A: _ B:No, Mum doesn’t want me to rest.

A:Sports are important. B _:

A: _ B:We can’t study all the time.

⑻A:Where did you borrow it? B:It’s From the Moon。 C:Is it interesting?

D:How many pages have you read? E:What are you doing?

A:_ B:I’m reading a book。

A:What’s the name of this book? B:_

A:_ B:Only 6 pages.

A: _ B:Yes,it is.


A: _ B:I borrowed it fome the library.

⑼A:No, I enjoy palying basketball. B:It can make us healthy. C:You are right. D:Do you often paly basketball? E:What were you doing at 9 last night? A: _ B:I was watching a football match on TY.

A:Do you like palying football? B _:

A:_ B:No, Mum often asks me to study English A:Sports are important, too. B:Yes._

A:We can’t study all the time. B: _

⑽A:About 6 years. B:Is it interesting? C:Sure.

D:What are you doing now? E:Pardon?

A: _ B:I’m doing martial arts.

A: _ B:I am practicing kung fu.

A:How long did you learn it? B: _

A: _ B:Yes,it is.

A:Can you teach me it? B_:

⑾A:On foot. B.Is it near? C:Sorry, I can’t. D:What did you do yesterday? E:Who did you go with?

A: _ B:I got a haircut.

A: _ B:Only myself.

A:How did you do there? B: _

A: _ B:Yes,it is.

A:Can you get a haircut for me? B: _

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