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深港版六年级英语上册作文 Writing

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How to keep our body healthy

A healthy body

Healthy is very important to us. If we want to have a healthy body. We should drink a lot of water. We must exercise a lot and exercise very often. We should eat lots of vegetables and fruits. We shouldn’t eat too much sugar. It’s bad for our teeth. We must get up early and go to bed early. We should not watch TV for a long time. It’s bad for our eyes.

About me (写今年与去年对比)

I have a fitness test today. I am good. This year , I’m 150cm tall and 42kg. I’m the first in the race. I can do 4 pull-ups .But last year , I was short . I was 145cm tall and 39kg . I was slow . I was last in the race. I was weak . I could only do 2 pull-ups. I am taller , heavier , faster and stronger now. I am growing fast because this year I exercised a lot.

My favourite place

My favourite place is Splendid China. Splendid China is the biggest model park in the world. It has models of famous Chinese buildings and places. The longest wall in the world, the Great Wall , is here but it is much smaller than the real one. You can take a photo but you can’t climb this wall . I like Splendid China. Welcome to Shenzhen to visit !

The sun , the Earth and the moon

The sun is huge. It is a star . It is bigger and heavier than the Earth . It is far from the Earth . It is brighter than the other stars . It is the biggest, heaviest and brightest of the three . The Earth is a planet. It is bigger and heavier than the moon . And it’s smaller and lighter than the sun. The moon is the smallest and lightest of the three . It is near to the Earth .

School Sports Day(用过去时)

We had a School Sports Day last week. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it very much.

Pat was in the long jump, she was in first place. She did very well. She won 3 medals. Tom was in the 60m race. He was in second place. Tim was in the high jump, he won a medal. He was in third place. We were very happy.

School Sports Day (用将来时)

There will be a School Sports Day next week. We love Sports Day.

I’m good at jumping so I like the high jump. I will be in the high jump. Tom likes the 60m hurdles. He can run very fast and jump very well. So he will be in the 60m hurdles. Tim is a better runner than Tom. So he will do better in the race. The Sports Day will be lots of fun.

My favourite Characters

I like reading famous stories. My favourite characters are monkey king, Cinderella and Snow White. Monkey king is the funniest character. He is more exciting than Mulan and stronger than Robin Hood. Cinderella is the most hard-working character. Her mother and sisters were not good to her. Snow White is the most beautiful character. She’s kind, too. What’s your favourite character?

My favourite fairy tale

I like reading famous stories. My favourite fairy tale is <<Journey to the West>>. It is more famous than << Robin Hood>>. Monkey King is the most famous character in the book. I like Monkey King the best. He is more exciting than Mulan and stronger than Robin Hood. He is the funniest and the most interesting character.

My favourite food

There are many different kinds of food in the world. Some are sweet, some are sour, some are salt, some are spicy. But I like sweet food the best. So I like chocclate and candy very much. It’s delicious. It tastes very good. But it is not healthy to eat too much sweet food. It is bad for our body and our teeth.

Classroom rules

You must look and listen to the teacher carefully. You mustn’t run. You mustn’t throw rubbish on the floor. You must throw rubbish in the bin. You must talk quietly . You mustn’t talk loudly. You must walk slowly. You mustn’t walk quickly. You mustn’t push in the corridors.

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