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⑴.A .What’s the matter with you? B .May I speak to Tom? C .This is Carl.

D .Who is that? E .Not very well.

A: Hello! _____ B: Hello!This is Tom speaking,_____

A: ___________ B: Hello,Carl,how are you?

A:Fine,thanks,and you? B: ____________

A: ___________ B: I feel very tired. I want to sleep a lot.

⑵.A .How long will you stay there? B .How will you go there? C.Thank you!

D.Who will you go with? E.I will go to visit Sonwy River.

A: Pat,Where will you go? B: ___________

A: ___________ B: My brothers.

A: ___________ B: By train.

A: OK.have a good trip. B: ___________

A:____________ B: About seven days.

⑶.A .Are all people Africa black? B .How do you do? C .You are so black, I know. D .It doesn’t matter. E .Where do you come from?

P:Hello,Tom。_ T:How do you do,peter?

P _____________ T; I come from South Africe.

P; ____________ T; Yes, I am so black.

P; ____________ T; Yes, they are all black.

P: I Shouldn’t laugh at you. T; ____________.

⑷:A.Really? B.were your at home last night? C.Next Sunday D.What is it. E.Where did you go?

A;Pat,_____________ B:No,I was out.

A:_____________ B:I went to Tom’s house.

A:Did you hear the news? B:______________

A:We’ll go to visit Potala Palace. B:_______________ When will we start? A:_______________ B:That’s great.

⑸:A.Why do you like them? B.What about you then? C.I like ddogs the best. D.Do you like animals? E.I like pandas the best.

A:_______________ B:Yes.I like them very much.

A:Which animal do you like best? B:______________

A:_______________ B:Because they are very lovely.

A:They are very clever, too. B:Yes,__________

A:_______________ B:Dogs are our best friends.

⑹.A.Did you finish it? B.What did you do last night? C.At the bookshop. D.Do you often read in the evening? E.What is the name of this book?

A:_______________ B:I read a fanmous story.

A:_______________ B:Simba the Lion King.

A:_______________ B:No,only sometimes.

A:Where did you it? B:________________

A:_______________ B:No,I only finished a half.

⑺. A.She likes spicy food. B:I like fried noodles with beef. C.No,I like sweet food. D.I don’t like beef. I like chicken. E.What are you doing?

A.___________ B:I’m cooking.

A.What’s your favorite food? B:________How about you?

A:___________ B:What about your mother?

A:___________ B:Do you like spicy food, too?

A:___________ B:But you can’t eat too much.

⑻.A.There’ll be a basketball match. B.How will we go there? C.Glad to see you. IN the City Stadium. E.Are you free tonight?

A:__________ B:Glad to see you, too.

A:__________ B:Yes,I am not busy,what’s the matter? A:__________ B:Where?

A:__________ B:________

A:By bike. B:OK!

⑼. A.But where are you going? B.Which bus shall I take to get to the Children’s Library? C.The bus stop is beside it. D.How far is it from here to there? E.You can get there by bus.

A:Excuse me,how can I get to the nearest bus stop?


A:I’m going to Bank of China.

B:Go dowm this road and turn left at the second crossing, you’ll find the Children’s Library.__________


B:Not very far._________


B:The NO.3 bus. It’ll take you right there.

A:Thank you very much.

B:That’s all right.

⑽. A.This is Peter speaking. B.Yes,I’d love to. C.I am very well,thank you!

D.Hello! E.May I speak to Bill?

A:__________ B:Hello!

A:__________ B:Who’s that?

A:__________ B:Oh,Peter. This is Bill.

A:How are you getting on? B:_________

A:Would you like to see a film tonight? B:_________

⑾. A.Good for you! B.What do you usually do after class? C.Basketball.

D.Yes,I often paly it after school. E.How about your favourite subject? A:Pam,_________ B:I usually paly football.

A:What is your favourite sport? B:_________

A:Do you often it? B:_________

A:_________ B:My English is pretty good.

A:_________ B:Thank you!

⑿. A.Were you happy? B.What did you do then? C.My good friends. D.The living-room was messy. E.How do you do?

A:_________ B:How do you do?

A:What happened last night? B:_________

A:Who was in the living-room B:_________

A:_________ B:There was a party.

A:_________ B:Yes,we were very happy.

⒀. A.Were you tired last night? B.I played the piano. C.Yes,I played in the living room. D.How long did you play it? E.Glad to see you!

A:_________ B:Glad to see you!

A:What did you do last night? B:_________

A:Were you in the living room. B:_________

A:_________ B:I played it for two hours.

A:_________ B:Yes,but I was very happy.

⒁. A.I visted the zoo. B.I went there with my sister. C.do you like animals?

D.How did you get there? E.Good morning!

A:_________ B:Good morning!

A:What did you do last Sunday? B:________

A:Who did you go with? B:We went there by bike.

A:_________ B:Yes, I like them very much.

⒂. A.How do you go to school? B.Sure! C.Where are you from? D.What is the weather like? E.How do you do?

A:How do you do? B:_________

A:_________ B:I’m from Guangzhou.

A:_________ B:It’s very hot.

A:_________ B:I usually go to school by bike. A:May I look at your new bike? B:_________

⒃. A.How did he go there? B.When will he come back? C.He visited his unclo.

D.Where did Peter go? E.Did he visit the Big Ben?

A:Pam,______ B:He went to the UK.

A:What did he do there? B:________

A:__________ B:He flew to there.

A:__________ B:Yes,he did.

A:_________ B:He will come back next week.

⒄. A.What’s your favourite dinosaur? B.No,but it ran fast. C.Did it eat plants? D.When did you go last weekend? E.I saw many dinosaurs.

A:_________ B:I went to the Dinosaur Museum. A:What did you see there? B:__________

A:_________ B:I like Dinosaur B.

A:_________ B:No,it ate meat.

A:Did it fly? B:__________

⒅. A.How much is it? B.I’ll take it. C.No,it is too long. D.What do you want? E.What can I do for you?

A:_________ B:I want to buy a dress.

A:_________ B:I want a red one.

A:Is it good for you? B:__________

A:Look at this one. It’s nice. B: Yes,it is nice._____

A:It is 99 yuan. B:OK!_____ colour

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