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How to be a polite student?

Being polite is very important in our life. When you meet older people, you should shake hands with them and say “It’s nice to meet you”. When you answer the phone ,you should say “hello”. When you walk on busy streets, you shouldn’t push . You should say, “Excuse me”. When you wait for the bus. You should line up. When the bus comes, you shouldn’t push or run. Are you polite? Let’s be a polite student.

To stop fires

We mustn’t put clothes on lamps or heaters. We mustn’t cook when no adults are at home. We mustn’t play in the kitchen. When there is a birthday cake, we must be careful with the candles. We should turn off the TV, the lights and fans when we leave the room. We mustn’t play with candles or matches.

Fire safety at home

A fire can happen at home. So we should learn about fire safety at home and never start fires. First, when you young cousins visit , do not let them see or play candles or matches. Second, when there is a birthday cake, we must be careful with the candles. Third, we should turn off the TV, the lights and fans when we leave the room. Last, we mustn’t cook when no adults are at home.

How to be safe when there is a fire?

When we hear the fire alarm, we should get up quickly. When we leave the room, we shouldn’t take our things. We shouldn’t take the lift. We should walk down the stairs quickly. When we get out of the building, call 119. When the firemen come, they’ll put out the fire.

Shopping for a watch

S: What can I do for you?

Pat: I want to buy a watch . I have an old watch. I need a new watch.

S: How about this one?

Pat: Emm. It’s too ugly . I don’t like it.

S:And this one? It’s white and very beautiful.

Pat:Emm. It looks right. I like it . How much is it?

S:It’s 12 yuan.

Pat:It’s not too expensive . I have enough money . I’ll take it. Here’s the money. S:Thank you.

Pat:You are welcome.

Go shopping (打算买 ,用一般将来时)

I want to buy a notebook. I have a thin notebook. I need a thick one. I like pink but it is too small.This blue one is not too small but it’s too expensive. I don’t have enough money. The red one is big and cheap. I like it a lot. I’ll take it.

Shopping for a notebook (已经买,用过去时)

I went shopping today and bought a notebook. It’s beautiful.It’s red. It’s big and cheap. I wanted to buy a pink one. But it was too small. I didn’t like it. I wanted to buy a blue one. But it was too expensive. I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t like it either. So I bought this red one. I like it a lot.

My favourite animals

I think bees and ants are the most amazing animals. They work so hard. I think cheetahs are the most exciting animals. They can run very fast. I think turtles are the most interesting animals 。They can walk very slowly.

But I like turtles the best. They walk very slowly, but they’re very interesting. They can live more than 100 years. I like them.What about you?

My favourite animals

There are lots of animals in the world, Such as dogs , cats , sheep , rabbits, bees and so on . But I like cheetahs the best. Cheetahs run faster than any other animal .They can run 76 km an hour or even faster .They also sleep a lot. Sometimes they sleep 16 hours a day .I think they are very interesting . I like them very much. How about you?

A busy day

On Saturday morning, I went to the hair salon. I got a haircut., Then , I went to the Metro station. I met my friend . After that ,I went to the library. I read a magazine .In the afternoon, I went to the gym, I did martial arts. At last, I played basketball with my friends. I had a busy day but I also had a good time.

A busy day

Last Saturday I had a busy day. At 7:00am , I having breakfast with my family . At 8:00am, I went to the gym ,I was doing martial arts. At 9:00am , I was at home . I was reading newspapers. At 10:00am, I was listening to music . At 11:00am , I was making lunch . I was busy but I had a good time.

A busy day

I was busy yesterday .At 9:00am.I was getting a haircut at the hair salon.At10:00am,I was meeting a friend at the Metro station, At 12:00pm,I was having lunch. At 2:00pm,I was reading newspapers at the library. At 3:00pm,I was hiking at Wutong Mountain.At5:00pm,I was cooking dinner at home. I was busy but I was happy.

Good memories

I was very happy on New Year’s Day. At 6:00,we were having a big dinner. At 7:00,I was watching TV with my family. My sister was thinking about the New Year. At midnight, we were playing at the park. When the bells rang, we were cheering. Then we were singing at the park. It was exciting. Finally, we went to bed. How about your New Year’s Day?

Last night

I was busy last night.At 6:00.I was having dinner at home.At7:00.I was doing my homework.My parents were cleaning the room.At8:30.I was watching TV.My parents were doing martial arts.At9:00.I was reading a book.My partents were reading magazines and newspapers.At10:00.we were sleeping.I was busy but I was happy.

A fire drill

There was a fire drill in our school last week. When we heard the fire alarm, we lined up quickly. When we left the classroom, we didn’t take our things, we didn’t take the lift. We walked down the stairs quickly. We didin’t call 119.It’s not a real fire. It’s a fire drill. We should be careful with fire.

Last summer holiday

I was very happy last summer holiday. First. I went to Wutong Mountain.It was exciting. Then.I had a picnic with my friends. It was interesting. Next.I went to the zoo. Animals are pretty and amazing. Finally. I shopped at the shopping mall. It was funny. I was busy but I was happy. How about you?

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