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2014pep四年级下册英语unit4 partA

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vegetables 蔬菜
Where are they ?

Unit 4 At the farm

Part A

let’s learn

The tomato is red . The tomatoes are red .
口诀:单数is 复数are

green bean beans

long. They are so______

They are so ______ short.


They are so big.

They are so small.


This carrot is so____ tall.

This carrot is so_____ short.


green bean

green beans

carrot onions green been potatoes tomatoes

A. Let’s talk

What’s this? It’s a carrot.

What’s this? It’s a tomato.

What’s this? It’s a potato.

What are these? They are tomatoes.

What are these? They are carrots.

What are these? They are green beans.

What are these? They are potatoes.

Are they carrots? Yes,they are.

Are they carrots? No,they aren’t.

Are they tomatoes? Yes,they are.

Are they tomatoes? No,they aren’t.

Are they potatoes? Yes,they are.

Are they potatoes? No,they aren’t.

Are they green beans? Yes,they are.

Are they green beans? No,they aren’t.

Guess:what are these?

游戏规则:一位同学到讲台上来拿起一包蔬菜,自己想好蔬菜的名字, 请下面的同学起来猜,猜的时候运用Are they……句型,如果猜对了, 拿蔬菜的同学回答Yes,they are.如果猜错了则回答No,they aren’t。 到讲台的同学和猜对了的同学各奖励贴画一张。

练习句型:Are they ……?
Yes,they are./No,they aren’t

Let’s talk

C 1、They are ______. A、potato B、potatos C、potatoes 2、—What are those? B —_____are tomatoes. A、There B、They C、It’s 3、—Are these green beans? C ——No,_________. A、these aren’t B、they are C、they aren’t


Great!Great!I’m great!

Class is over!

Good bye!

A.Let’s spell

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Yes, these are potatoes. Yes, these are potatoes. No, they aren’t cabbages. No, they aren’t mushrooms. Yes, they are potatoes. Yes, these are tomatoes. Yes, these are tomatoes.. No, they aren’t onions. No, they aren’t carrots. Yes, they are tomatoes.

Game 大鱼吃小鱼.(猜猜鱼身上是什么单词)

World map

homework for

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