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( )1 / au / A. south ( )2 / e / A. tape ( )3 / e? / A. here ( )4 / u? / A . pool ( )5 / n / A. sing B. north B. egg B. hair B. poor B. drink C. crow C. eight C. hear C. pour C. find D. hotel D. play D. clear D. put D. thank


( ) 1. Are those crayons ________? No, they are _________.

A. yours…mine B. yours…yours C. your…mine

( ) 2. Which dress do you like, May? I like __________.

A. the long ones B. pink C. the yellow one

( ) 3.The silkworms _____big and fat now. But they _____small and thin yesterday.

A. are…was B. were…are C. are…were

( ) 4.There ____ a lot of notebooks in the art class.

A. is B. are C. was

( ) 5. Mum, can Min ______ some cabbage? Of course.

A. have B. has C. had

( ) 6. I like ______. I want ______ in the music class.

A. sing…sing B. singing…to sing C. singing…singing

( ) 7. Children need more time to sleep. It’s nine o’clock. It’s time ________ bed.

A. on B. to C. for

( ) 8. What ______you have for dinner last night, Peter? I _______ some chicken.

A. did...have B. do...have C. did...had


Look, this is my friend Paul’s timetable for Monday. He gets up at seven o’clock. And then he ________ his teeth and has breakfast. He has ________ classes in the morning and has _______classes in the afternoon. Art is his favourite subject. He likes ________. After lunch, he feels ______ and takes a rest in the classroom. After that he does some sports for _______ hours. He plays badminton _________. He goes back home and does some homework. He is very tired.


1. These are 对划线部分提问) _________ toy motorbikes are these?

对划线部分提问) ________ _______ you yesterday?

可乐卷 1

3. There’s some pork in the fridge. (改成否定句) There isn’t _______pork in the fridge.

4. Peter does his homework every day. (改成一般疑问) ______Peter ______his homework every day? 句意不变,换种说法) I _______ to school this morning. 十一、根据所给内容,选择最恰当的答案,用A,B或C表示,并将答案填入前面的括号里:5%

( ) 1. How many children are there in the classroom? ________.

B. One B. Three C.Four

( ) 2. What time is it? It’s __________.

A. ten past six B. two thirty C.half past three

( ) 3. What’s Jill doing? She’s __________.

A. reading B. painting C. writing

( ) 4. Which city do they talk about? ____________

A. London B. Shanghai C. Sorry,I don’t know.

( ) 5. The city _______ old fifty years ago(五十年前).

But now it________ wonderful.

A. is...was B. had....has C.was...is

十二、用方框里词的适当形式填空, 部分单词不只一次使用:8%

2. Look at the traffic light. You must cross the road ________.

3. Would you like to ______the film with me? I’m afraid I can’t. I _____ it last night.

4. Shall we meet at the ________? OK, see you.

5. Can you _______ the drill? No, I can’t. But I _______ it this morning. It was noisy.

6. In summer, Little Justin always _______ insects.

十三、读短文判断下列句子, 用T表示正确,用 F表示错误:5%

A young man is sitting in a bus. An old woman gets on the bus and stands in front of him. The young man stands up. The woman pushes him back into his seat and says, “Don’t stand up. I don’t want to sit down.”

The bus stops then. The man stands up again. The woman pushes him down and says, “You don’t have to give me your seat. I like to stand.”

The bus stops again. The man stands up for the third time. The woman tries to push him down again. The man shouts, “Don’t push me, please. I have to get off the bus!”

( ) 1. The young man is sitting and the woman is standing in the bus.

( ) 2. The old woman wants to have a seat.

( ) 3. The young man stands up for the third time because he wants to give the seat

to the old woman.


) 4. The woman pushes the young man down three times.

( ) 5. At last the young man is very angry.

可乐卷 2

十四、根据短文内容,选择最恰当答案,用A, B, C表示,将答案填在前面的括号内:5%

Tom is a little boy, and he is only seven years old. One day he went to the cinema. It is the first time for him to do that. He bought a ticket and then went in. But after two or three minutes he came out, bought a second ticket and went in again. After a few minutes he came out again and bought a third ticket. Two or three minutes later he came out and asked for another ticket. Then the girl in the ticket office asked him, "Why do you buy so many tickets? How many friends do you meet?" Tom answered, "No, I have no friend here. But a big boy always stops me at the door and tears (撕) my ticket to pieces."

( ) 1. Tom is ________ years old.

A. eight B. seven C. nine

( ) 2. It was __________ for Tom to go to the cinema alone.

A. the first time B. the second time C. the third time

( ) 3. Tom bought ________ ticket(s) before the girl asked him.

A. two B. three C. four

( ) 4. The big boy stopped Tom at the door because ________.

A. it was the big boy's job B. the big boy didn't like Tom

C. Tom didn't buy tickets at all

( ) 5.The big boy was ________ in the cinema.

A. a worker B. a policeman C. a teacher

十五、阅读短文,选择最恰当的单词,用A, B, C表示,将答案填在前面的括号内:5% elephant and began to look at it slowly.

The old man went up to him and said in his ear, “Don’t say anything about the elephant before I sell it. Then I will give you twenty dollars.”

“All right,” said the young man. “Now, can you _

“I didn’t find the bad ears,” said the young man.

“Then ____?” asked the old man.

The young man answered, “Because I have never seen an elephant before, and I want to know what it looks like.”

( ) 1. A. come B. came C. is coming

( ) 2. A. to B. for C. with

( ) 3. A. talk B. say C. tell

( ) 4. A. what B. how C. why

( ) 5. A. quickly B. slowly C. happily


People like to do different things in their spare time. So does Kitty. She is a student of No.1 Middle School. She always goes to the _________ to see the films with her friends. She likes to buy the _______ on the Internet because they’re _______ there. Sometimes Kitty goes to the restaurant for dinner with her parents. All of them like sea food. It tastes nice. Sometimes Kitty plays pingpong in the gym. But she never ______ TV. She thinks it’s not good for her _______.

可乐卷 3

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