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Class______ name_________


A. tired B. sad C. bored D. angry E. happy


2.Tom’s father gives him a new CD player, so Tom is very


5.The teacher is very the boy breaks (打破)the windows of the classroom.


( )1.I am 40kg. Helen is 45kg.She is than me.

A.heavier B.taller C,thinner

( )2.The boy to the cinema last weekend .

A.goes B.went C.go

( )3.They went to last night.

A.swim B.swimmig C. swam

( )4.The boy likes to act, he is going to be an .

A.actor B. teacher C.engineer

( )5.What you do last night? I did my homework.

A. do B does C. did

( )6.How does Amy feel?

A. She is jumping. B. She is happy C. She is a pretty girl.

( )7.Last summer holiday I went to Hongkong A. by plane B.on plane C. by a plane

( the evening,WuYifan and his parents watched TV.

A.in B.on C.In

( )9.Where are you going on your holiday?

A.I went to the park B. I’m going to visit Taiwan. C.I am skating.

( )10.Last Sunday , I went to Sarah’s home and studied English him.

A. to B.for C. with

三、 用动词的正确形式填空。

1. Ben _______(like) the little monkey.

2.I ______(like) riding a bike.

3.My mother usually_______(wash) the clothes on the weekend.

4.I _________(listen) to music now.

5.We ___________(play) the piano tomorrow.

6.He _______(have) a sore throat.

7.I ________(have) a bad cold.

8.Her head ________(hurt)

9.Mike ______(feel) sad.

10.My siser ________(cook) noodies yesterday.

11.You ________(look) happy today.

12.I _______(go) fishing last week.

13.She ________(read) a magazine yesterday.

14.Did Pete ________(do) his homework with Tom?


(1. diving, 2. near, 3.taking, 4.eyes, 5.tall, 6.actress,

7.listening, 8.teaches, 9.buys, 10.foot, 11.walks, 12.far,

13.Canada, 14.teach)

Tom and Sarah are my new classmates. Sarah comes fron England. She is active and kind. She has two big______. She lives______the school, so she always goes to school on______. She likes______pictures. She wants to be an______in the future. Tom comes from______, he is very______. He is 175cm. Tom likes______and_____to music. He often_______us English after class. I like to play with them.


Last evening, Lucy was very sad . Her cat Mimi was in the tree. She called its name again and again, But it couldn’t (can not 过去式)get down. Peter came there. He asked Lucy, “What’s wrong ?”Lucy said “Mimi can’t get down.”“Who’s Mimi?” Peter asked.” It is my cat, the white and black .Look, it’s there.”“Don’t worry! I’ll help you.” said Peter. Then he climbs up the tree.Mimi jumped down from the tree and runs away. Lucy runs after her cat. But Peter can’t get down, he didn’ t know

what to do.


( )1.Lucy called Peter again and again.

( )2.The cat can’t get down from the tree.

( )3.Peter helped Lucy get the cat down.

( )4.Lucy and her cat run away.

( )5.Peter known how to get down.

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