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1. A. whom B. who C. whose D. wrong

2. A. spell B. dress C. secret D. desk

3. A. birds B. flowers C. maps D. boys

4. A. come B. brother C. mother D. go

5. A. think B. father C. those D. that


A. 按要求写出单词的相应形式(10分)

1. come(反义词)________________

2. desk (同义词)________________

3. there (同音词)________________

4. man(对应词)________________

5. is(原形)________________

6. knife(复数)________________

7. right(反义词)________________

8. China(形容词)________________

9. bus (复数)________________

10. children(单数)________________

B. 用括号内单词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. ________________ (Lily) father is at home.

2. Those ________________ (man) bikes are under the tree.

3. Is this ________________(he) pencil?

4. The ________________(map) on the wall are Chinese.

5. ________________ (come) there, there's a bird in the tree.

6. Look at the three ________________ (box) on the desk.

7. That's ________________(I)desk. This one is ________________(you)

8. Those girls are ________________(Japan).

9. Excuse me, is the coat ________________(Tom)?


1. Are these your books ________________ his books?

A. or B. and C. with D. /

2. -________________ on the desk? desk.

-Yes, it is.

A. What's B. Where is

C. Is Bill's bag D. Are Tom's pens

3. These are our books. Please look after ________________.

A. their B. they C. it D. them

4. Where ________________ the students?

A. am B. is C. are D. /

5. "Hello! 34776855""Hello! ________________"

A. This is Tom. B. I'm Tom.

C. Who are you? D. Are you Tom?

6. Miss Li is a teacher, Meimei is ________________ student.

A. his B. my C. her D. she

7. ________________ are good friends.

A. I B. Ann C. I and Ann D. Ann and I

8. ________________ sister i

is an English teacher.

A. Jim and Kate B. Jim's and Kate's

C. Jim's and Kate D. Jim and Kate's

9. Do you know the name ________________ the girl?

A. in B. on C. of D. at

10. It's a picture of ________________ family.

A. Bob B. Bob's C. Bobs' D. Bobs

11. -Can you see my pen?

-________________, I can't.

A. Thanks B. You're right C. Yes D. I'm sorry

12. Please come and ________________ the map.

A. look B. look after C. look for D. look at

13. ________________ go and see Li Lei.

A. Let we B. Let is C. Let's D. Lets

14. The woman ________________ the red coat is our teacher.

A. on B. in C. under D. of

15. The twins ________________ one desk and two chairs.

A. are B. is C. have D. has




( )1. Is he Chinese or Japanese? A. They are Tom and Mike. ( )2. Who's on duty today? B. Yes, it is.

( )3. Are those oranges? C. That is Mr Wang.

( )4. Can you see the bird? D. He is Japanese.

( )5. Is it a car? E. It's on the desk.

( )6. Who are they? F. No, they aren't. They are pears.

( )7. Who's that? G. Yes, I can.

( )8. Where is the map? H. Lily is on duty today.


1. His ruler is in the box. (对划线部分提问)

________________ ________________ his ruler?

2. She is Lucy and she is Lily. (改为选择疑问句)

________________ she Lucy ________________ Lily?

3. Is he your friend? (改为复数)

________________ ________________ your ________________?

4. These are our apples. (改为单数)

________________ is ________________ ________________.

5. The boy is all right today (对划线部分提问)

________________ ________________ the boy today?

6. They can see a bird in the tree. (对划线部分提问)

________________ ________________ ________________ see in the tree?


1. 他找不到他的包。

He ________________ ________________ his bag

2. 你能看见一个英国女孩吗?

________________ ________________ ________________ an English girl?

3. 他们是英国人还是美国人?

________________ they ________________ or ________________?

4. 那些苹果在树上。

Those apples ________________ ________________ the tree.

5. 他是我的一位老朋友。

He is ________________ old friend ________________ ________________.

6. 我没有什么书。

I ________________ have ________________ books.


A: 1 me!

B: Yes?

A: 2 are the two girls?

B: 3 4 Lucy and Lily.

A: I think they 5 the same.

B: Yes, you're 6 , they're 7 .

A: 8 9 are they?

B: Twelve. And I'm 10 , too.

A: Are you in 11 12 class?

B: No, we aren't.

A: Thank you very much.

B: That's all right. Goodbye!

A: Bye!

1. ________________ 2. ________________ 3. ________________

4________________ 5. ________________ 6. ________________

7. ________________ 8. ________________ 9. ________________

10. ________________ 11. ________________ 12. ________________


This is a picture of a family. The father's name is Rex. He is forty -eight. The mother's name is Linda. She is forty-five. They have a son of fifteen and a daughter of sixteen. They are Ned and Rose. They are students in No. 1 Middle School. Linda is a teacher. Rex is a doctor.

1. What picture is it? It's a picture of a ________________.

A. father B. bedroom C. classroom D. family

2. How old is the mother?

A. Forty-five. B. Forty-six. C. Forty-seven. D. Forty-eight.

3. What's the father? He's a ________________.

A. worker B. student C. doctor D. teacher

4. How old is Rose?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Seventeen. D. Eighteen.

5. How many people are there in the family?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five. D. Six.

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