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一、 选择画线部分读音不同的选项(5分)。

( ( ( ( ( 二、 填一填,写一写(40分)。

(一) 选出每组中不同类的单词。

( ) 1. A. strawberry B. plum C. hard

( ) 2. A. between B. room C. beside

( ) 3. A. mine B. theirs C. her

( ) 4. A. bell B. screwdriver C. hammer

( ) 5. A. fluffy B. shiny C. clean

( ) 6. A. parrots B. boys C. lions

(二) 选择适当的词, 填在相应的横线上。

weather coming degrees was ate ours get to

1. How can he ___________ the shop?

2. A storm is _________ from South China Sea.

3. The temperature was thirty-five __________.

4. A long time ago, there _______ a farmer.

5. What is the _________ like today?

6. I ______ my breakfast at seven o’clock.

7. The brown parrot is __________.

(三) 根据首字母、汉语提示及句意写出单词的适当形式。

1. I’m making a m ___________ (音乐的) instrument.

2. Ben can see two old l _________(女士).

3. These are our c _________(靠垫).

4. The pandas are soft and f_________(毛绒的).

5. There are two things in my p_______(包裹).

6. I t________(触摸) and feel with my hands.

7. Taste these d_________ (饮料), Eddie.


( )1. Let’s _______ a new, loud bell on your bicycle.

A. put B. putting C. puts

( )2. I can’t ______ my umbrella.

A. seeing B. saw C. see

( )3. Have you got ________ grapes?

A. many B. any C. some

( )4. _________ eat sweets here.

A.Be B. Not C. Don’t

( )5. What colour _______ the giraffes?

A. are B. is C. be

( )6. I feed the monkeys ____ half past eight.

A. in B. on C. at

( )7. They gave the key _______ Grandma.

A. 不填 B. to C. of

( )8. Do you want ______ the toys?

A. all B. both C. some

( )9. Mrs. Li _________ in Shanghai.

A. lived B. living C. lives

( )10. I like ___________. It’s____________.

A. wind/ the wind B. the wind/ windy C. windy/ the wind



1. I can smell the food.(变一般疑问句)

____________ you _______________ the food?

2. Did you like the loud music?(否定回答)

_________, I ___________. 就画线部分提问)

___________ ___________ you work?

4. Ben liked Kitty’s loud music.(变否定句)

Ben _______ _________ Kitty’s loud music.

5. weather / the/ what/ is / like / ? / (连词成句)


(二) 根据问句,找相应答语。

( )1. Where was my bird? A. I like both puppets. ( )2. Whose bags are these? B. It’s a parcel.

( ) 3. What time do you clean the cage? C. They are the same. ( ) 4. Which puppets do you like? D. It was under the bench. ( )5.What is it? E. At eight o’clock. ( )6. Are they the same or different? F. They are ours. ( )7. What are you doing? G. I’m watching TV.


(一)口语交际,选择合适的句子完成对话。将序号填在横线上。 A: ____________

Is it yours, Grandma?

B: ____________ Mine is black.

A: ________________

B: No, it’s not his. His is blue.

A: Is it Mrs. Chen’s?

B: No, it’s not hers. _____________

A: Is it Mr. And Mrs. Wang’s?



A long time ago, there was a farmer. His name was Hong. He lived in China. He had some pigs on his farm. He had some ducks and some chickens. He had a dog and a cat.

It was warm and wet in spring. Hong planted some rice. It was hot in summer. Hong built a new house. It was cool and dry in autumn. Hong cut the rice and put the rice in the house. It was cold and windy in winter. Hong was in his house. It was warm in the house.

( ) 1. What did Hong have on his farm?

A. ducks and chickens B. horses and sheep C. cows and fish

( ) 2. What did Hong plant?

A. hay B. corn C. rice

( ) 3. What did Hong build?

A. a new house B. a castle C. a block

( ) 4. Where did Hong put the rice?

A. on the shelf B. in the house C. in the pond

( ) 5. What’s the weather like in winter?

A. hot and wet B. cold and windy C. cool and dry

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