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Ⅲ. Choose the best answer(选择最佳答案,将字母代号写在前面的括号内):

( ) 1. __________ rubber is it? Is it her rubber? A. Who’s B. Whose C. Who

( ) 2. This is __________ classroom. It’s big and clean. A. my B. I’m C. me

( ) 3. --- What do you need? --- I need some __________. A. tape B. rope C. ship

( ) 4. Alice _________ her teeth at 6:30 every morning. A. is brushing B. brushes C. brush

( ) 5. Where is __________ badminton? On the floor? A. Sally B. Sally is C. Sally’s

( ) 6. --- What’s __________ in the sky? --- It’s an aeroplane. A. this B. those C. that

( ) 7. She’s Miss Fang. She’s __________ English teacher. A. we B. our C. us

( ) 8. -- What do you need for your art lesson? --- A _______. A. brush B. brushes C. water

( ) 9. --- Is this a tape __________ tape? --- It’s a tape. A. and B. but C. or

( ) 10. Look. __________ are yellow leaves in the pond. A. This B. The C. Those

( ) 1. --- Is it __________? --- No, it’s his. A. your B. you’re C. yours

( ) 3. These are Jill, Mill and Hill. They are __________ from Shanghai. A. both B. and C. all

( ) 4. --- Please put the tea __________ the teapot. --- All right. A. in B. on C. at

( ) 5. Look at you room. What a __________! A. miss B. mass C. mess

( ) 8. --- Whose bicycle is it? --- It’s __________. A. my B. me C. mine

( ) 10. It’s not our poster. It’s ___________. It’s from Uncle Li. A. his B. he’s C. him

( ) 11. Look at the dresses. Are they __________? A. Alice B. Alice is C. Alice’s

( ) 12. There are ten short __________ in the storybook. A. story B. stories C. a story Is this your picture book,Alice? No, It’s ___________. ( A.mine B.her C. his)

Is this _______ chick? No, It’s __________.( A. his, her B. his, hers C. her, hers)

Are these ________ pencils? No, they’re________.( A. your, yours B. your, mine C. your, your) Put ________ on her desk. ( A.all book B. all her book C. all her books)

Are the magic stones ____? Yes. They’re______.(A. yours , ours B. ours, theirs C. yours, our)

6.This pair of gloves ______nice. Whose gloves______they? ( A. are, are B. is , is C. is, are ) Ⅳ. Rewrite the sentences(按要求改写下列句子,每线词数不限):

1. They are Peter’s sketchbooks.(根据划线部分提问)____________________________________

2. Ben Li has some nice crayons.(改为否定句)____________________________________

3. This is a black and white panda. (用what进行提问)____________________________________

4. It’s a football. It’s a basketball.(改为选择疑问句)__________________________________

5. That is a dress. It’s in their box. (合并成一句,但意思不变)_____________________________

1. These purple grapes are my dad’s.(根据划线部分提问)___________________________

2. Those are Sally’s brown nails.(根据划线部分提问)_______________________________

3. She paints the rainbow after school.(改为一般疑问句)______________________________

4. I read an English book every evening.(将 every evening改为now,并作相应变化)


5. Can she draw any long scarves ?(改为肯定句)_________________________________

6. Do you have a long brush?(根据实际情况回答)__________________________________

1. These are my skateboards.(换一种表达,但意思不变)___________________________

2. Look at that watch. It’s new.(改成复数句)_____________________________________

3. These are Jack’s ugly ducklings.(根据划线部分提问)_________________________________

4. This is a blouse. It’s her blouse.(合并成一句,但意思不变)____________________________

5. sweet, they, whose, are, biscuits(连词成句)____________________________________ 1

That’s her scarf.(同义句) That___________ is _________.

Those flowers are hers.(划线提问) _________ _________ those flowers?

Is this your crayon? (同义句) Is this _________ _________?

That sharp knife is his. (改为复数句) Those sharp __________ are___________.

Ⅴ. Read and choose(阅读短文,选择最佳答案,就字母代号写在前面的括号内):

It’s Friday afternoon. The children of Class One, Grade Five are having an art lesson(美术课). Mr Lin is an art teacher. He likes drawing flowers. Look, he is drawing some carnations. Some are red, and some are pink. The children are watching him carefully(认真地)and happily. Suddenly, a girl asks, “What are you doing, Peter?” Peter answers, “I want to draw some carnations, too. But where are my crayons and brushes?”

( ) 1. --- What day is it today? A. It’s in the afternoon. B. It’s Friday afternoon. C. It’s Friday.

( ) 2. What does Mr Lin do? A. An English teacher. B. An art teacher. C. He likes drawing.

( ) 3. What colour are the carnations? A. Some are red. B. They are red. C. They are pink.

( ) 4. How are the children watching Mr Lin? A. Carefully. B. Happily. C. Both A and B

( ) 5. What is Peter looking for(寻找)?A. Some carnations. B. Some crayons. C. Some flowers. Ⅱ. Read and judge(判断下列各组单词划线部分的发音,相同的用T表示,不相同的用F表示):

( ( ( (

( d ( ( ( Ⅰ. Read and write(读一读,按要求写出下列单词的变化形式):

1. those(单数形式)________ 2. brush(复数形式)_________3. my(名词性物主代词)__________

4. they(单数形式)_________5. hers(复数形式)_________6. paints(同类词)_____________

7. it’s(同音词)____________ 8. tape(同类词)___________9. do not(缩写形式)____________

六. 完形填空

One morning a fox sees a cock. He thinks, “This is ____1____breakfast.” He comes up to the cock and says, “ I know you can sing very well. Can you sing for____2____?” The cock is glad. He closes his eyes and begins to sing. The fox see that and catches____3____ in ___4_____ mouth and carries him away. The people in the field see the fox. They cry, “ Look! The fox is carrying the cock away.” The cock says to the fox, “Mr fox, do you understand? The people say you are carrying their cock away. Tell them it is _____5__. Not ____6_____.” The fox opens his mouth and says, “ The cock is ____7____, not____8___.” Just then the cock runs away from the fox and flies into a tree.

( ) 1. A. my B. me C. mine

( )2. A. my B. me C. mine

( ) 3. A,him B.his C. he

( ) 4. A. him B. his C. he

( ) 5. A. yours B. you C. your

( )6. A. their B. Theirs C. They

( )7. A. mine B. my C. me

( )8. A.yours B. you C. your

Ⅲ. Read and write(用所给单词的适当形式填空,每线词数不限):

1. Look at the __________ (paint). They are for __________ (you) brother.

2. --- __________ (who) glue is it? --- It’s __________ (Paul).

3. --- Is it __________ (they) playground? --- Yes, it’s __________ (they).

4. --- What ________ Jane _______ (do)? --- She’s a ________ (teach).


5. --- How many _________ (brush)? --- There ________ (be) three.

6. --- Can I _______ (help) you? --- I want two ________ (loaf) of bread.

7. --- What _______ he _______ (like)? --- He ________ (like) vegetables.

8. --- It’s 7:00. Where _______ you _________ (play) ? --- In the park. Is that_________(you) scarf? Yes, it’s _________(I)

Let_______(we) help ________(she).

The crayons aren’t ___________(we). They’re _________(they).

Whose rubber is it? It’s _________(she).

Those are ________(you) paints. ___________(you) are new.

Whose hat is this? Is it _________(he)?

Are _________(we)books interesting? Yes, ________(you) are interesting. These are _______(she) shoes. __________(you) are there.

We are in the same_______(school), but different________(grade)

10. It’s 11o’clock. The wangs __________(look) for a restaurant.

Ⅳ. Read and write(按照范例完成句子,每线词数不限):

Model:The apples are Alice’s. They are her apples. They are hers.

1. The sweater is Danny’s. _____________________________________

2. The crayons are my parents’. _________________________________

3. The notebook is Kitty’s. ______________________________________

4. The dog is Jill and Mill’s. _____________________________________

Ⅲ. Choose the best answer(选择最佳答案,将字母代号写在前面的括号内):


The school bag is Sally’s. It is _________.

The first chair is Danny’s. It is __________.

Are these my paints? Are they___________?

That is your toy car. It’s ___________.

Look! The boys are playing football. These bicycles are ___________. 3

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