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新标准第五册M9U2 I Feel Happy教案

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1. 在热身环节通过提问“Do you feel happy?”来引入本课内容。

2. 在课文教学环节通过提问“Who feel happy?”“ Why do they feel unhappy?

What happened?”和“How do they feel?”来层层推进课文教学。学生通过回来这些问题来逐步了解课文内容。掌握本课重点知识。

3. 在课后操练环节在学生看图过后通过提问“How does he/ she feel?”和

“What happened?”来激活学生思维。在复习本课教授知识同时激活学



英语第五册M9U2 I Feel Happy

I. Teaching objectives:

1. Ss can use “I feel happy/ sad/ tired/ angry/ bored/ hungry.” to express their feelings

2. Ss can use “Do you feel …?” to ask about other’s feelings.

II. Teaching contents: I feel …; Do you feel …?; bored; tired; angry; sad; hungry; thirsty; feelings.

III. Important and difficult points:

1. How to express one’s feelings and ask about others feelings.

2. Talk about the reason of how the feeling comes from.

IV. Teaching procedure:

1. Greetings.

2. Warm up.

1) Ss sing the song “If you are happy together”.

2) T: Do you feel happy? Ss:…

T: And I feel happy too. Today, we are going to learn a new unit.

(Ss read the article together.)

3. Text book learning.

1) T: (Show pictures) Let’s have a look. Do they all feel happy? (Ss: No.)

Does he/ she feel happy? Who feel happy? ( Ss find the picture.) Why?

2) (Ss listen and find the answer.) [ win→won]

3) T: (Point to the other pictures.) So, they don’t feel happy. Why? What

happened? Let’s listen and find. ( blank filling.)

Note: a. grandfather

(Where? ) on the farm (→farmer)

( How long?) all day: from morning to afternoon.

b. [ lost→lose]

c. smell: we use nose to smell.

( T ask some students to smell fruit.)

T: What can you smell? Ss: I can smell …

4) T: So, how do they feel? ( Ss listen, repeat and say.) [tired→fireman]

5) Ss read it together.

6) T ask Ss to act the textbook out.

7) A② a. Ask 2 Ss to read the dialogue for example.

b. Ask Ss to act the text out in pairs.

8) Conclusion: conclude words about feelings.

4. Practice.

1) AB U2E1 Listen and number.

2) AB U2E2 Read and guess

3) Look and say: ( Ss look at the pictures on PPT.)

a. How does he/ she feel?

b. Why does he feel happy? Does the boy feel happy? ( Ss look and answer.) Then try to act this section out.

c. Guess why do the other people feel …. The act out.

5. Homework


1. 多媒体的运用让课堂更加生动、形象,有效地提高了学生的学习兴趣。

2. 教学目标和重难点基本解决。学生能够表达自己的感受以及描述他人的


3. 教学时间掌握不到位。导致练习部分的第三个环节没能有效地完成。

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