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年班 姓名一、根据汉意补全单词。(10分)

1. t_ _ed(疲劳的) 2. y_ _ nger(更年轻的)

3. m_ tter(事情,麻烦 ) 4. Ch_n_se(中文,汉语)

5. w_ _ kend(周末) 6. cl_mb(爬 )

7. pr_ s_nt(礼物) 8. _ l_ ph_ nt(大象)

9. s_ _(see的过去式) 10. f_ v_ r(发烧)

二、找出每组中与其它三个单词不同的选项。(10分) ( )1.A. fall B. summer C. spring D. September ( )2. A. river B. cloud C. elephant D. lake ( )3. A. tall B. he C. heavy D. strong ( )4. A. how B. what C. his D. where ( )5. A. mountain B. rainy C. windy D. sunny


( ) 1. –How did you go there? –I went there ______.

A. by train B. in train C. on train

( ) 2. I got to Xinjiang_____October 4th.

A. in B. on C. to

( ) 3. We skied and _____a snowman on your holiday.

A. makes B. making C. made

( ) 4. Tomorrow she _____presents for her friends.

A. bought B. buys C. is going to buy

( ) 5._____he learn English last night?

A. Does B. Did C. Is

( ) 6. Lily is ten. Jack is eleven years old. So Jack is ___than lily.

A. older B. taller C. fatter

( ) 7. Her brother sells things(买东西). He is a ______.

A. doctor B. salesperson C. cleaner

( ) 8. He has ____sore throat and his leg ____too.

A. the ; hurt B. a; hurt C. a ; hurts

( ) 9. The traffic light is yellow, you should _____.

A. stop B. go C. wait

( ) 10. They like______to music.

A. listens B. listening C. listen

( )11.—How are you going to Hong Kong? —I’m going____.

A. this Thursday B. by plane C. yesterday

( ) 12. This is Peter. He’s _______.

A. tall and short B. tall and young C. young and old

( ) 13. Christmas Day(圣诞节) is in ______.

A. January B. October C. December

( ) 14. –Where does the rain come from?

--It comes from the ______. A. river B. vapour C. cloud

( ) 15. –Hello! ______is that? --_____ is Amy speaking.

A. Who; I B. What ; This C. Who; This

( ) 16. Mike__ small bedroom. But his parents __a big one.

A. have; has B. has ; have C. have ; have

( ) 17. –Can you ____English, Mr Li? – Yes, only a little.

A. tell B. say C. speak D. talk

( ) 18. –Excuse me, is this____school?

--No, _____is next to the post office.

A. your; our B. your; ours C. yours; ours

( ) 19. _____a big cake it is !

A. What B. How C. Which D. Where

( ) 20.His birthday is on _______.

A. December the fourth B. December the four

C. December the forty D. December the fourteen


1. The milk isn’ It’s _______. ’s not_______.

5. The giraffe is _______. It’五、用所给单词选择填空。(10分)

play eat bigger wash are

1. His foot is ________ than yours.

2. I will ______ football with my friends tomorrow.

3. –How much _____ the bananas? – 32 yuan.

4. They want to_________apples.

5. Did you ________ your clothes yesterday?


1.skate(现在分词) _______ 2. swim(现在分词)_______

3. do(过去式)_______ 4. younger (反义词)_______

5. read(过去式)_______ 6.go(过去式)_______

7. tall (比较级)_______ 8. heavy(比较级)_______

9. eat(过去式)_______ 10. sing(过去式)_______


During the summer holiday, my grandparents went to China. First they flew to Beijing from London. Then they went to Guangzhou by train. When they went to my home, I wanted to help my grandpa carry his heavy bag, but he did it by himself. They bought many presents for us. I got a dress. My brother got a toy plane. They took many dried fruits for us. They grew(种植)them by themselves. My grandparents are farmers. They are hard-working people.

( ) 1. Where are my grandparents from?

A. Beijing B. New York C. London

( ) 2. How did my grandparents go to China?

A. By ship. B. By plane. C. By train.

( ) 3. What was the present to me ?

A. A dress. B. A toy plane. C. A skirt.

( ) 4. I _______my grandpa carry his bag.

A. helped B. didn’t help C. wanted to help

( ) 5. My grandma is a ________.

A. teacher B. farmer C. worker

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