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My new teacher 教案

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Module 2 My new teacher

Reading and Vocabulary---教案

Teaching aims:

Enabling the students to

1. learn the new words in Reading and Vocabulary

2. grasp the main idea of the passage in Cultural Corner.

Teaching steps:

I. Read the words in the box and have the students repeat them after me, paying particular attention to stress.

ⅱ.Ask the students to work in pairs to find the meaning of the words in the box first and then do questions and answers.

ⅲ. Check the answers in class. (Students’ own answers)

II. Deal with Activity 2

Ask the students to decide which words might go into the spaces. If necessary, explain the words or expressions.

ⅲCheck the answers in class by listening to the conversation and ask a few students to write their answers on the blackboard.

III. Finish Activity 3.

ⅰ. Play the tape again, and ask the students to choose the right answers individually,

and then check with their partners in groups of four.

ⅱ. Then ask some groups to give their answers in class.

IV. Discussion.

All of you have been to several different schools, and have known different teachers and students, now tell me:

1. What do you think of the relationship between teachers and students?

2. How do you find our school?

V. Read the passage again and fill in the chart in pairs.

VI. Match words and expressions with their definitions .

relationship be suitable for

formal like, the state of being like

discipline order, rules

relaxed connection, having sth. to do with

similarly in accordance with rules

be true of less tight or strict

VII. Read the passage again and try to retell it.

VIII. Homework

1. Write a passage about the relationship between teachers and students in China.

2. Read the passage fluently.

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