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5B Unit 1 ~Unit4 词组整理

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Unit 1 A new term

Miss Li and her students are having a lesson.(be+doing) 李老师和她的学生正上课。 This is the first lesson of the new term. 这是新学期的第一节课。 Nice to see you. 很高兴看到你。

We have eight sbjects this term. 这学期我们有八门课。 How many English lessons do we have a week? 我们一周有多少节英语课? —What’s 543 minus 345? 543减345等于多少? —It’s 198. 等于198。

—What subject do you like? 你喜欢哪一门课? —I like Science.How about you? 我喜欢科学。你呢? —I like Art. 我喜欢美术。 —What day is it today? 今天星期几? —It’s Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

今天星期一/星期二/星期三/星期四/星期五/星期六/星期日。 —What lessons do you have in the morning/afternoon?你今天早晨/下午有什么课? —We have….. 我们有。。。。。。。

Unit 2 A new telephone call

Su Yang calls her after lunch. 苏阳午饭后打电话给她。 May I speak to Helen? 我能和海伦通话吗? Why are you absent today? 你今天为什么缺席了? What’s wrong with you?/What’s the matter? 你怎么了?

I’ve got (a headache and a bad cough). 我得了(头疼和重感冒)。 I hope you get better soon. 我希望你快点好起来。 How do you feel now? 你现在感觉怎么样? take some medicine 吃一些药

I can get some fruit for you. 我可以带些水果给你。 Open your mouth and say ‘Ah’. 张开你的嘴巴说“啊”。 ——Hello,may I speak to ….. 你好,我可以和。。。通话吗? ——Sorry,wrong number./This is …….speaking. 对不起,你打错了。/….正在讲话

Unit 3 Hobbies

Ben’s hobby is collecting stamps. 本的爱好是集邮。 show something to somebody 给某人展示某物(注:somebody为代词时,将


示例:show us his stamps 给我们看他的邮票) Here they are./Here it is. 它们在这儿。/它在这儿。 make pretty dress for my doll 为我的布偶制作漂亮的裙子 ——Do you have any hobbies? 你有什么爱好吗? ——Yes,I do.I like ……./He likes……She likes ….,too. 我有。我喜欢。。。他/她也


Come here and have a look. 过来看一看。

Do you water the flowers every day? 你每天都浇花吗?

Does your uncle have the same hobby? 你叔叔也有相同的爱好吗? He grows beautiful flowers. 他种的花很漂亮。

like doing something 喜欢做某事

Unit 4 An English friend

Wang Bing is writing an e-mail to his English friend in the computer room.


He wants to play table tennis with Wang Bing.

He lives in a small town near London.

What subjects does he study at school?

speak loudly

run fast

dance beautifully

jump high

walk carefully

sit quietly

——What does ….usually do?

——He/She usually ……..

I go to school from Monday to Friday.

He has seven lessons every day.

He cannot jump very high. 他想和王兵一起打乒乓。 他住在伦敦附近的小城镇上。 他在学校学什么科目? 大声说话 跑得快 舞跳得漂亮 跳得高 小心地走 安静地坐着 。。。经常做什么? 他/她经常。。。。。 我星期一到星期五上学。 他每天上七节课。 他跳得不高。

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