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六年级专题复习 情景对话

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情景对话,根据问句选择答句。 A栏

1. When do you have a holiday?

2. Whose birthday is in Sept.?

3. When is your birthday, Sally?

4. What does it taste like?

5. Is there anything sour here?

6. Can I help you?

7. Are there any pickles?

8. What do we need?

9. Are you sure?

A.We need sugar, salt, ginger and vinegar.

B. No, there isn’t anything sour here.

C. Yes, I want something sweet.

D. Yes, there are.

E. It’s salty.

F. Yes, I’m sure.

G. We have a holiday on the first of June. H. It’s on the fifteenth of November. I. Mary’s birthday is in Sept.


1. What’s in your kitchen?

2. Is there a rubbish bin?

3. Are there any drinks in the fridge?

4.Can you hear a girl crying?

5. What is she doing?

6. When is Chinese New Year?

7.What do you do at Mid-Autumn Festival?

8. How are you?

A. I’m well.

B. She is snoring.

C. Yes, I can.

D. It’s in winter.

E. We eat moon cakes.

F. There’s a can of coke.

G. No, there isn’t.

H. Let me see. There’s some sugar and garlic in the kitchen.


1. What’s your favourite festival?

2. How old are you?

3. Can you hear a wolf?

4. What does Xiaoping do?

5. What’s your name?

6. Does Santa live in a falt?

7. How do you go to school?

8. Do Mr and Mrs Santa eat rice?

A. I’m Tom.

B. No, he doesn’t. He lives in a house.

C. I’m twelve.

D. Yes, they do.

E. By bus.

F. Chinese New Year.

G. No, I can hear snoring. H. He runs up the mountain.


1. Was the air dirty?

2. Were there many tall buildings?

3. Were your mother’s eyes bright?

4. Are you strong now?

5. How much is the orange juice?

6. Where do we buy pot plant?

7. What did she do?

8. What time is it?

9. How was your holiday?

10. Where did you stay?

11. Did you like the food?

12. What’s the weather like today?

a. I stayed at a friend’s home. b. It was great.

c. Yes, I did.

d. It’s sunny and warm.

e. It’s eleven o’clock.

f. Yes, they were.

g. No, It wasn’t. It was clean. h. Of course.

i. No, there weren’t many tall buildings. j. It’s thirty-seven yuan.

k. We buy pot plant in a flower shop. l. She climbed a hill with her family. E栏

1. What are the children doing?

2. What did you do on Sunday?

3. What was the weather like last week?

4. How much is a bottle of cooking oil?

5. What can you buy?

6. How many do we need?

7. What is he buying?

8. Where is the ice cream?

9. What do you want?

10. Can you catch it for me?

a. I want four packets of potato chips. b. They are having a barbecue.

c. It was wet and cold.

d. I played outside and rode my bicycle.

e. I can buy vegetables, snacks, drinks, tinned food and fruit.

f. Six cartons of milk.

g. It’s fifty-eight yuan twenty.

h. She is buying three tins of fish.

i. It’s over there in the fridge.

j. All right.

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