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Unit9 五年级下册要求必会的句型

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Unit9 五年级下册要求必会的句型

1.What do you often do after school(on Monday) ? 放学(周一)后你经常做? I often clean my room. 我经常整理房间。 What does she often do at weekends? 她周末经常做什么? She often feeds the fish. 她经常喂鱼。

2. How often do you do the dishes? 你多久刷一次碗? I do the dishes every day. 我每天都刷碗。

How often does she walk the dog? 她周末经常做什么?

She walks the dog once a week. 她经常喂鱼。

3. Do you often learn English? 你经常学习英语么? Yes , I do . No, not very often. 是的。(不,不经常)


1.What chores do you have to do at home? 你在家要做什么家务? 我得刷碗。

2. Can I play badminton with Binbin tomorrow afternoon?

明天下午我可以和彬彬打羽毛球么? Yes, you can . But first you have to sweep the floor. 可以,但是你要先扫地。 Sorry , you can’t . You have to study for the test. 你不能,你要复习。


What should I do ? 我该怎么做?

You should wash your hands. 你应该洗手。

You shouldn’t leave garbage everywhere. 你不该乱扔垃圾。


1. What did you do yesterday? 昨天你干什么了? I played the piano yesterday. 昨天我弹钢琴了。

2.Did you ride a bike yesterday? 昨天你骑车了么? Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.


1. Where did you go on your vacation? 假期你去哪了?

I went to the park. 我去公园了。

2.How did you go there? 你怎么去的那儿? I went there by bus. 我坐车去的。


1. When were you born? 你什么时候出生的?

I was born on May 5th 1996. 我是1996年5月5日出生的。

2. When did you go to primary school ? 你什么时候上的小学? I went to primary school when I was 7. 我7岁的时候上的小学。

3.How are you different from last year? 你和去年比有什么不同吗? Last year, I was short. Now I am tall. 去年我较矮,今年高了。

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