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m8Talk about famous men and women

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In this photo, he was seven years old. He could read. He couldn’t speak English. He is in Grade 5.

famous men and women
Talk about

He’s from Liaoning. He spent about twenty-one hours in space. He travelled into space.

What is he ? Where is he from? When did he fly into space? How many hours did he spend in space? Why is he famous?

She is an American. She is blind and deaf. But she learned to read and to write. She is the model for blind people.

Where was she born? What happened to her? What did she learn to do? Why is she famous? How long did she live? What kind of book did she write? When did she become blind and deaf?

He’s a sportsman. He's so tall. He plays basketball very well.

What was he? How tall is he? When was he born?

Where was he born?
Why is he famous?

She is from Shandong. She is a taikonaut. She was the first Chinese teacher in space.

When was she born? Where was she born?
Why is she famous?

He’s a 110 - meters hurdle

He can run very fast. He’ s also tall. He was the winner of 2004 Olympic Games.

When was he born? Where was he born? Why is he famous?

He was dead. He made the first letters in Braille.

name His _____was Louis Braille. He was born 1809. He was born inFrance .He _____in blind in 1812. became _______ read at a school for _____ blind He learned to _____ children. He made the first letters _______ in Braille in 1824.

Talk about your favourt star.不少于50个单词。
What? Where? Why? When ?

His/Her name is was born in /She is a . He /She

.He /She .He

. …

Q:When were your mother and your father born ?

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