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1.春天 _____________ 6.always______________

2.季节______________ 7.windy_______________

3.放风筝_____________ 8.sunny_______________

4.哪一个_____________ 9.when________________

5.因为_______________ 10.why________________


( )1. ______ your favourite season?

A. What’s B. What C. Who’s D. When

( )2. Bears can ______ a long time _____ winter.

A. sleep,for B. swim,in C. sleep, in D. swim,for

( )3.--- ______ do you do morning exercises? ---Because it’s good for my health.

A. How B. When C. What D. Why

( )4. I don’t like winter. It’s too _____.

A. cool B. cold C. hot D. warm

( )5. I like to _____ in summer.

A. going swimming B. swim C. swimming D. go swim

( )6. We can _____ ice-cream in summer.

A. eating B. eats C. eat D. to eat



( )7. I usually plant ______ in spring.

A. tree B. a trees C. trees D. some tree

( )8. I like fall ______.

A. good B. well C. nice D. best.

( )9. I don’t like winter , my dad doesn’t like it _____.

A.too B. either C. two D. to

( )10.I often fly kites _____ my friends.

A.and B. to C. with D. for

( )11. What would you like _____?

A. do B. doing C. to do D. to doing

( )12. Winter is cold for ____.

A. we B. I C. my D. me

( )13. How many _____ are there in a year?

A. seasons B. years C. day D. week

( )14. What’s the weather like _____ fall _____ Xiangyang?

A. on, in B. on, on C. in, on D. in, in

( )15. When it’s winter in China, it’s _____ in Australia.

A. cold B. summer C. fall D. cool


A. I like winter best. B. winter is white and beautiful. C. Which season do you like best? D. How are you? E. Why? F. How about you? G. I don’t like winter.

----Mike: Hi, Sarah. ______

----Sarah: I like winter best.

----Mike: ______

----Sarah: Because ______. ______

----Mike: ______. I like summer best.


1. We can _____ ______ in ______. 我们可以在春天植树。

2. I can swim _____ _____ _____ . 我可以在湖里游泳。

3. The boys often_____ _____ snow in winter. 男孩们经常在冬天玩雪。

4. _____ do you _____ fall? 你为什么喜欢秋天?




1. do, season, which, best, you, like ( ? )

2. is, summer, my, favourite, season ( . )

3. skate, can, in, I, winter, in, Beijing ( . )

4. and, is, sunny, hot, it, always ( . )

5. fly kites, I, in , can, because , spring ( . )



( )1、What do you do on the weekend? A、 I play sports at 5:00p.m.

( )2、What’s the weather like in summer? B 、I like summer best.

( )3、Which season do you like best? C 、Sometimes I visit my grandparents.

( )4、When do you play sports? D、 It’s sunny and hot.

( )5、When is the best time to go to beijing? E、 Fall.

八、阅读短文,判断对错, 对的写T, 错的写F(10分)

I am Tim. There’re four people in my family. My father, my mother and two boys. My father likes fall best because he can draw many beautiful things in fall. He’s an artist. My mother likes winter. She’s a nurse. My brother likes summer best. I like summer ,too. Because he can eat ice-cream and I can go swimming with my friends in summer.

( )1. Tim has a sister.

( )2. Tim’s father likes summer best because he can draw many beautiful things.

( )3. Tim’s mother is an artist.

( )4. Tim likes summer best.

( )5. Tim can eat ice-cream and Tim’s brother can go swimming in summer.


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